My 2019 Guidelines.

I feel like it isn’t a new year without some kind of reflection / aims post for the year ahead and I’m going to be so basic and do exactly that. To be fair, I had a pretty mental year in 2018 (see update) and I wanted to reflect and figure out what I want from the year ahead, because I really do not want a repeat of last year. What do I need to sacrifice to the 2019 gods for this year to not be an actual shitshow?

the 3 guidelines i'm going to be living by in 2019.

I have 3 general, we’re going to call them guidelines, for the year. I feel if I give myself very specific aims and goals I’ll feel overwhelmed and probably fail. However if I just give myself some ‘guidelines’ for the year, it’ll give me some room to change and adapt to how well it’s going throughout the year.

Spend less / Save more.

Breaking up with your husband is pretty expensive. I had to move out, pay off a bunch of shit, move house again, pay more bills and basically, any savings I did have took a pretty big hit. It’s probably going to go like that for a little bit longer whilst we’re still ironing out things (yep, it’s almost been a year and there are still things that cost money and get messy).

So I’m basically doing a massive overhaul of my finances this year. I made some big steps towards that at the end of 2018 by paying off my credit card debt completely and have started identifying all the ways I can cut back this year and save myself even more money. Goodbye Amazon Prime and Spotify Premium, you were nice to have but not necessary and can save me over £200 a year. This also includes resisting the almost unbearable urge to upgrade my phone to a fancy new one and stick to a sim only contract instead, saving myself a whopping amount of money in the long run.

So although I’m not going to live on a shoe string for the next year, I’m consciously trying to spend less and get more bargains where I can. I have a pretty big saving goal for the year but more in hopes that it just changes my spending habits and that I’m not terrified how I’m going to live every time something unexpected pops up, y’ano?

The real dream with this one would be able to get out of the habit of living from pay cheque to pay cheque.

I also have some pretty hefty travel plans for the year and they won’t pay for themselves.

Live more in the moment.

In true Tarnya style, this point actually contradicts the last point because lol living in the moment generally means spending more money BUT this is why I’m using these as more guidelines than anything else.

I’ve spent the last few years not living my best life and 2018 showed me that life really can be fun and spontaneous. I really want to keep saying yes to new things, exploring and spending time with people I love and sometimes that involves spending money and sometimes that doesn’t. But if I somewhat stick to guideline numero uno, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

I suffer with really bad anxiety around control, so learning to just go with the flow is something i’m actively working on. It’ll take a long time to conquer but I feel simple things like learning to say ‘yes’ to more plans will help with that.

Create more.

2018 took the creative wind out of me and I feel like recently it’s been flowing back in great big waves. I suddenly have this deep yearning to consume and create everything.

I want to read, write, paint, draw, watch, listen, photograph and play pretty much everything. Sometimes I struggle to get a handle on this, I mean right now I’m reading 3 books at once ha! But this is my year to really experiment and discover, I want to grow and learn as a human on this awesome planet.

My one passion in life is photography and 2019 is the year I’m going to take it seriously. I want to learn how to use a camera properly and really practice, experiment and play with that passion this year. Whether it’s switching to a macro or fish eye lens, shooting in black and white or shooting light and double exposure on my polaroid cameras. I’m really planning on getting stuck in this year. I’ve already been sharing all my photography adventures on my instagram page, so give me a follow and share my journey!

How are you spending 2019?

Whether you’re saying ‘fuck it’ to goals or plan your year to the finest of details, let me know what you’ve got planned for 2019 in the comments below! I always love hearing from you guys! xx


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