What I Got For Christmas 2018.

I thought I’d write an old skool post today with a What I Got For Christmas this year. I haven’t written one of these since 2016, so I thought it would be fun to put a little one together and share a few gifts I received this christmas.

I’m getting to that age now where I’d rather have something useful and practical that I’ll use instead of a bunch of random stuff that seems wasteful, although that doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally like something cute too y’ano? So although there are only a few presents this year, they’re all pretty useful and I’ve loved all of those I received this year because they were all really thoughtful and genuine, my friends are the best. So shall I just get into it, yeah?

I actually got 2 ‘main’ presents from my boyfriend this year, which i’m super lucky and grateful for because I absolutely love both of them, #obsessed.

The first was a Barbour wax jacket. He actually bought me this during the black friday sales, so a pretty early christmas present, but I basically haven’t taken it off since. I’ve wanted one for as long as I can remember but was always put off by the price, but I wish I’d bought one years ago. It’s so comfy, it’s so warm and it’s waterproof. It’s pretty grown up in style but I love the classic Britishness of it.

polaroid one step + camera in black with a stack of polaroid film next to it - What I Got For Christmas 2018 www.sweetallure.co.uk

The second was a Polaroid One Step + camera. He knows I’m obsessed with polaroids and have a pretty extensive collection already but we were watching the gadget show one day (yes, we’re nerds) and this camera came on and I needed it. It’s such a great camera for anyone interested in digital and analogue photography or for anyone who wants to get creative. I’ve always modded my polaroids to do things like double and slow exposure but this camera does it all without the hassle. It’s a digital camera in a polaroid shell which you can control with an app on your phone. So you can use it like a normal point and shoot polaroid, or you can do all the fancy extra stuff and get really creative with it, which is perfect for me. It even has a manual mode where you can control everything like a digital camera. I can’t wait to spend 2019 experimenting with it!

vintage/polaroid carry bag with a rainbow stripe design along the bottom. What I Got For Christmas 2018 www.sweetallure.co.uk

4 polaroid/vintage camera pins in multiple colours. What I Got For Christmas 2018 www.sweetallure.co.uk

As you can imagine I had a few polaroid related presents to go with it. My boyfriend and my brother both bought me packs of film for it so I can hit the ground running. Then I also received a retro carry bag for it and even some awesome little polaroid camera pins for my bag because my boyf is amazing and I’m a camera nerd.

As if I wasn’t already spoilt enough so far, I also received the Lego VW Beetle car because I love the Lego creator cars and already have the Mini one. Also a little Harry Potter lego bricks set to go with the Ron and Dumbledore set I got for my birthday earlier in the year to add to my ever growing HP collection.

green bulbasaur pokemon shaped planter with a green fabric cactus sat in it. What I Got For Christmas 2018 www.sweetallure.co.uk

starbucks mug with illustrations on from seattle. What I Got For Christmas 2018 www.sweetallure.co.uk

My housemate got me the cutest little Bulbasaur planter and it goes SO well with my little fabric cactus that I’m sure they’ll be inseparable forever. My friend also got me a Starbucks mug from the original Starbucks shop in Seattle and I frikkin love it. Then last but by far least my boyfriends step-brother bought me this awesome lens kit for my iPhone (which i’d actually bought myself too but he clearly had the same idea!) which I have used none stop since receiving them because fisheye and macro lenses are awesome. They’re extremely thoughtful and fun to play with and helping me explore different styles of photography.

I did receive cute usual gifts like bath/shower gel, slipper socks and a hot water bottle which are all equally appreciated because lol I’m always cold. I also bought myself a HP sprocket after my new found love for scrapbooking (posts incoming) and the new Thierry Mugler‘s – Aura perfume as a little treat to myself, because hell yes I’m worth it and it smells amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this little post, I know I always enjoy reading these kind of posts from other bloggers as it’s so interesting to see what themes and hobbies people have! Mine had very clear themes this year haha. I hope you all had a great christmas and happy new year!

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