A Little March Round Up.

This year, I’ve been really focusing on getting out and about more. I’ve made a huge effort to make plans of seeing my friends and giving myself little moments to look forward to. March was the beginning of some of those plans, so I thought I’d do a little March round up for you guys!

Ive been visiting oxford and london this month, here are all the things i've been loving in March www.sweetallure.co.uk

At the start of March I made a little visit to Oxford to see my friends Laura and Pete. With it only being 40 minutes away on the train, I’ve been trying to make more effort to go see them, when it’s such a big beautiful city to explore! They took me for my first The Breakfast Club experience. Not only was the interior amazing, the pancakes yummy and stacked high but the music was on point too. I can’t wait to go back and try something different from the menu next time (because everything looked amazing!) but also to take the magical Smeg fridge through to the secret bar….

I also spent the weekend with my friend Olivia in London. We headed to Bill’s for lunch and narrowly avoided food poisoning after being served a raw chicken burger…ew. We then walked around Marylebone high street before stumbling across 108 Brasserie. It’s possibly the most Instagramable place I’ve ever been. I took lots of stock photos for my feed (we all do it, let’s be honest!) before spending the evening watching Nottinghill and ordering McDonald’s delivery. We spent Sunday eating the most amazing roast dinner ever in Camberwell and then spent ages wondering around looking at all the expensive houses and dreaming up beautiful interiors.

This week I also joined Slimming World as the start of my lose weight journey. I’ve been wanting to lose some weight for awhile now and I just wanted something to really focus me. I’ll probably write a bit more about this when I’ve been going for awhile, but I’m excited to start the journey and be able to wear dresses without tights in the summer!

I’m writing this on Friday of the bank holiday, which means my friend Siobhan is coming down tomorrow to spend the day with me! We’re going to have lunch, go to the cinema to see Ready Player One (The Greatest Showman is no longer in cinema’s and this makes me VERY sad) and then hang out, catch up and watch TV for the afternoon. My bank holiday couldn’t get more perfect really!

I also booked train tickets to Plymouth for the end of May so I can go stay with Jemma for a few days. I’m SO excited about this and I can’t wait to hang out, go for hikes in the woods and talk about all things blogging. Literally counting down the days!

So as you can tell I’ve been pretty busy but I’ve also spent a lot of down time just taking some time for myself. So I thought I’d carry on from the post I did last month called A Little Bit of Everything and share some of my favourite things too!

Loving: Seeing my friends more and making exciting plans for the future! Also my Instagram, I’ve been putting a lot of effort into it this month.

Hating: How I now can’t eat all the Easter chocolate…hah!

Trying: To keep busy.

Feeling: Optimistic and hungry!

Watching: Queer Eye, Nailed It, Santa Clarita Diet (Season 2), Zumbo’s Just Desserts, Friends (again!).

Listening toThe Greatest Showman soundtrack, still obsessed, I sing along to it in the shower everyday!

Eating: Stir Fry.

Drinking: Pepsi-Max.

Looking forward to: Seeing Siobhan tomorrow! And going to a friends wedding next month and seeing a bunch of Uni friends.

Reading: I bought IT, but then when I saw the size of the book I got intimidated and haven’t started it yet ha ha.

Playing: Prison Architect, which is basically a prison simulator, think Theme Park but for a prison.

Writing: I’ve been really wanting to write blog posts, but have been feeling a little out of the loop, so I’ve been trying to write more content!

It turns out I’ve been up to quite a lot in March! I’ve been really enjoying being out and about and exploring new places. I’m looking forward to all the things I have coming up in April too! What have you guys been up to this month? I’d love to know what exciting adventure you’ve been on!



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