Notable Films I’ve Watched Recently.

Films have always been my escape. If I’m ill, feeling sad or seriously PMSing, I love nothing more than curling up in a blanket with snacks and a film. I’ve been bingeing quite a few so I thought I’d share some notable film I’ve watched recently.

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I’m sure I’m not the only one who has a back-list of films to watch that’s about a mile long! I’ve actually been trying to tick some of those off my list, if only to make room for more! ha!

Baby Driver.
I didn’t really know what I expected with this film, I knew nothing about it. I downloaded it because so many people recommended it to me and it was a great film. I think the soundtrack really did it for me and John Hamm is awesome, as always.

I’m a huge Stephen King film and I’m annoyed I never read this book when I was younger but I finally got around to watching this film and I absolutely loved it. It’s so creepy and has everything I want from a horror film, it’s dark, visually and narratively. I’ve actually bought the book off the back of seeing this so I can learn more about the characters.

The Greatest Showman.
I can honestly say I haven’t been this obsessed about a film since I saw Fight Club. For so long I thought this film was called The Greatest Snowman and I was wondering why people were constantly talking about a film about a snowman… I’ve seen this twice in the cinema now and I’ve bought the soundtrack and listen to it pretty much every single day. This film is so uplifting and beautiful. You smile, you cry and I honestly thought it was better the second time around. It really is a modern spectacle and I want to watch it every day for forever. Hugh Jackman is a true inspiration.

As Above, So Below.
Now, I’m a huge fan of cheesy B-list horror movies but you occasionally come across one that doesn’t suck really bad. This one was actually really good, taking place in the catacombs below Paris. It gets a little whacky towards the end, but generally this was a really good treasure hunting style film. I even went and watched both National Treasure films after, because it got me in the mood!

I’ve also been enjoying Brooklyn 99 and Comedians in car with coffee as my notable TV series to watch. A dishonorable mention has to be 12 Feet Deep which had the worst continuity errors I’ve ever seen.

I’ve watched so many more ‘meh’ films that sit in the middle of boring and amazing though, which I’m sure I’ll write about soon! What have you been loving recently? Please leave me all your suggestions because I’d love to add some new ones to my list.

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