Am I Obsessed With Blogging?

When I started blogging, little did I know it was a hobby that would take over my entire life. I honestly don’t know what I did with all my spare time before I started my blog. However I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I’m a little obsessed with blogging and probably not the good kind of obsessive.

blogging obsessed hobby lifestyle inspired blog post writing planningEveryone has a hobby that they’re obsessed with, you probably think about it a lot and schedule in some time to indulge it from time to time, that’s fairly normal right? Yet my blogging obsession is a full time mental take over that never seems to stop and I got myself worried about my behaviour.

I think about it constantly. I scribble notes on papers everywhere and I always think about things in a ‘how can I make this into a blog post‘ mentality and the other day it got me thinking…

Am I obsessed? Am I normal?

Is it normal to plan out every single blog post idea, brain storm, schedule tweets, read blog post, check twitter, post to Instagram, take walks whilst on my lunch break for potential Insta photo’s, listen to podcasts for inspiration and about a million other things in between. Oh and not to mention checking my stats about a billion times a day, although I’m not happy to admit that because it really isn’t about numbers.

Sometimes my obsessive nature towards blogging has come in handy, I mean I’ve got a bunch of post ideas waiting to be written and I’ve got a few Instagram photo’s stocked up in case I have a few days off, I always put that down to be organised but recently I’ve realised that I need to slow down.

I’ve already started taking a more relaxed approached to my blogging schedule, I’m posting when I want to and trying not to force out content just for the sake of keeping up with a schedule and I feel happier for it. I’m also trying to mix up my content a little and writing more personal posts to really let you into my life and my thoughts. I’ve started using Instagram again but sharing images I’m interested in and trying not to focus so much on the numbers anymore.

Does my obsessiveness come from passion?

Are the two mutually exclusive like Gin and Tonic? Can you really care so passionately about something without being a little obsessed because honestly, I don’t think you can. It explains why I get so frustrated and disappointed when I put so much effort into my blog and struggle to get any opportunities, it only seems so heartbreaking because I’m obsessively checking my email and stats every 2 minutes.

I’m going to take a page out of my own blog post (the year of less) and try to care less, obsess less and just enjoy it more. I want to write more content that I would love to read and enjoy the process more and obsess less over the results.

Are you obsessed with blogging? Do you care too much about your hobby/passion? Am I alone in this? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



  • I am obsessed to the MAX with blogging. Like you, I just can’t stop thinking about it! But I think it’s a good thing to be passionate about something and to completely live in the moment. From the sounds of it, being obsessed with blogging has allowed you to multitask and be super organised, which are huge benefits for life in general.

    I too, feel a bit crestfallen because we put in a lot of effort in our blogs but not get the ideal recognition for it… but I love how you’ve approached it in that you want to care less about it and just enjoy it more. I feel like there’s a lot of negative stigma around the word ‘obsession’ and we should instead view it as ‘being extremely passionate about something’. Unless, of course, you’re driving yourself insane (which is never ever a good thing, and that is definitely what I view as an obsession).

    Lizzie Bee //

    • I don’t think it helps my work is relaxed and lets me read the internet, so I just constantly read other blogs. I do want to just be a little less obsessive though and try not to care so much and just have fun writing and creating xxx

  • I thought I was obsessed with blogging, but man, I’ve got nothing on you 😉 I think this obsession definitely does come from passion, and that’s no bad thing! But it’s also important to give yourself down time, time away from blogging, and to switch off from time to time. Don’t let it take over your life – easier said than done though, right? x x

  • You’re definitely not alone in this. I love blogging and whenever I go out I’d take pictures or notes in my phone and my friends would make an understanding face ‘Is it for your blog’ lol.

    x Rasya |

  • You’re not alone at all in this! It’s a great obsession to have and at the end of the day it’s all about sharing what you love!!

    Char xo |

  • Such a lovely post – it’s so nice to see when people really enjoy what they do! I love blogging and think many people enjoy certain parts of it especially connecting to other bloggers and checking out different posts etc. Such a lovely post and definitely not something to worry about haha! 🙂

    Layla x