5 Things Older Siblings Can Relate To.

My ‘little’ brother turned 26 this year, 26! It got me thinking about growing up together and all the mischief we got up to. It also got me thinking about all the little things that the older siblings did/do that people probably forget about.

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I’m 2 and a half years older than my little brother, which doesn’t sound like much but it’s just enough of an age gap to be interesting. I also enjoy reminding him of all the stupid things he did whilst growing up, which is a classic older sibling thing to do!

1. Pretending that you still believe in Santa. (See also: Tooth Fairy)
I remember the exact moment I went downstairs before Christmas to find my parents wrapping up our presents up and realizing that good old St Nicholas isn’t real. Not only is that pretty devastating for yourself but it’s also hard work trying not to spill the beans around your brother.

2. Getting blamed for stuff your younger sibling does.
I was recently chatting to some work friends about silly things we did as kids. As pure coincidence I remembered some stupid stuff my brother used to do when we were growing up and how somehow I always got the blame for it. I ‘wasn’t paying enough attention whilst playing with him’ or ‘ I should have known better than to let him do that’.. I can’t have been the only one that got the blame?

3. Always treating them like they’re a kid. 
It doesn’t matter how old you get or how old they get, they’ll always be that little kid you grew up with. And you will always have stupid bickering fights over nothing, just like the good old days.

4. You learn to share from an early age whether you like it or not.
Whether it’s your food or your toys, you have to learn pretty quickly how to share, because well, you have no choice. All your things become ‘our’ things and before you know it your Barbie dolls are covered in snot or dirt, from playing outside with Action Man.

5. Becoming the example.
Because you were unfortunate enough to be born first, you become the poster child. Everything you do becomes an example of how or how not to do things. Which means you spend your whole life trying to set a good example for your younger siblings and spending a lot of the time failing miserably.

Are you an older sibling? If you are, I totally get where you’re coming from! Please let me know if I missed anything off the list that you do and know it’s because you’re an older sibling! Also I’d love to hear from younger siblings and anything you do because you’re the younger one!

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