My 5 Year Plan.

2018 is the year I can start fresh. 2018 really is the first year in a long time that I’ve been able to look forward to what the future might bring and it’s got me thinking a lot about all the plans I want to do.

My 5 Year Plan buying a house permanent job pay raise kids starting a family

I’ve always been a planner and I can’t help but picture the cute little future I have in mind. Whether it’s long term aims and plans or just where I want to go on holiday next, I enjoy setting a goal and working my way towards it. As I promised myself I’d be more open and honest on my blog this year, I thought I’d share my personal 5 year plan with you.

Year 1.
I only have 2 major goals this year. The first is working hard and getting either permanent or a contract renewal at my job in September, whilst also being brave enough to negotiate a pay-rise. I love my job and I want to work here for the foreseeable future so I’m going to work hard and hope they keep me on!

My second goal for this year to pay off a big chunk, if not all, of my debts. After having a pretty tough couple of year financially, I’m finally getting back to a stable place and I’d love to pay off all my debts (besides my student loan) so if something bad happens in the future, I’m in a better place.

Year 2.
This year is going to be all about saving. After paying off my debt I want to get into a regular habit of savings big chunks of money. I mean I want to enjoy myself too but coming from a poor family growing up I would like to have some savings put aside just in case.

This year will also be the year Nick and I turn 30 and I’d like to go on a big holiday. We’ve already discussed that maybe this would be a great time for us to go to Vegas as we’ve both wanted to go for a long time. So it would be great to have a special holiday together.

I’d also like to buy a car this year, nothing fancy or anything, but just have a car that doesn’t break down every two years or need lots of working doing every time it comes to the MOT.

Year 3.
If all goes to plan and Nick and I are both still in work and enjoying our jobs in the Warwick area then I’d like to buy a house here. Houses are expensive around here and hopefully over the last 2 years we’ll have saved enough for a deposit and have hopefully sold our house in Sheffield to use towards it. I want to have a house and have it worked on enough for us to have it the way we want and feel settled before we start the next part of our plan…

Year 4-5.
Starting a family. In 4-5 years time I’ll be 32 and as much as that terrifies me, it’s also the perfect time to start thinking about kids. We’ll hopefully be settled with a house and stable jobs and we’ll be in a position to start trying for kids. We want 2 children and if we start around the 31ish mark then that gives us a good amount of time to work with and with a nice gap in-between them and that’s hoping we don’t have any difficulties conceiving. Nick and I would have been together for 10 years by this point and will be ready to take things to the next stage. This part equally excites and scares me, but hopefully in a few years time I’ll be ready!

There are obviously lots of little things that I would love to do in-between the bigger goals. I want to go on lots of nice holidays and I’d love to have some dogs and I’d like to be fit enough to do some runs or something for charity. There is always so much stuff to be doing, let alone growing my blog and Etsy shop (you can read the goals I have for those in this post here). I hope these arn’t too boring and predictable, I guess things start heading that way when you creep towards 30!

Please let me know what one of your goals are in your 5 year plan in the comments as I’d love to hear from you!


  • I love this plan! Good luck with saving. Once you have got into the swing it gets so much easier, I promise! Took me a good few months to live tighter but I still have fun and little treats here and there so it’s all good!

    Fix Me In Forty Five

    • Thank you so much! Definitely, I’m already pretty good with most things, I just want to see a nice stack of money in the bank ready for when we start looking to buy a place or think about having babies xx

  • Best of luck with your five year plan! I’m currently a high school student, and saving is something I’m beginning to think about, especially with college coming close. I hope you had a wonderful start to the new year!
    claire @ clairefy

    • Thank you! Saving is kind of addictive once you start, you soon learn that wasting money sucks! xx

  • I love your plan! We’re focusing on the family part for the next few years. We’ve been together 10 years this year, so it’s very similar to your timeline!

    Tori |

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    • Aww that’s so exciting! I can’t wait to start a family, but I just want to be realistic and financially stable etc before I even think about it xx

  • An exciting few years ahead for you, judging by your five year plan! Love a good plan, so why haven’t I got a five year plan? Lol. x x

    • tarnya

      You should write one and link me to it so I can have a nosey! xxx

    • Write one so I can read yours!!! xxxx

  • Good luck with your 5 year plan! I enjoyed reading it xx

    • tarnya

      Thank you so much! xx

    • Thank you xx

  • I love saving, it feels so good when you see the money build up and you can do exciting things with it like booking holidays etc! xx