2018: The Year Of Less.

After the pretty rough ride we had in 2016 and in 2017 (read why here) I’ve decided that 2018 is the year of less. When you think of the word less, it tends to have negative connotations, less money, less stuff, less time.
2018 The Year Of Less www.sweetallure.co.ukBut I’m reclaiming the word less.

Less worries, less cares, less spending, less clutter, how can those things be bad? Sounds pretty good if you ask me! If I’m honest, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to de-clutter my life and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff, moving house every few years definitely makes you rethink your furniture purchases! We’re in a 2 bedroom flat rather than our 4 bedroom house now and we certainly can’t lug everything around all the time, it’s just not worth it anymore. I’m excited about clearing out my wardrobe and having a smaller and more loved collection of clothes.

I’ve also been trying to spend less on unnecessary and luxury items over the past couple of years and have talked about the struggles this causes when it comes to being on ‘trend’ or ‘relevant’ when it comes to blogging. But honestly, I’m just bored of buying stuff for the hype and never end up using and you guessed it, taking up space. I’d rather see that money build up in my bank account instead where I can chose to spend that money on making memories and enjoying experiences instead. Also if I’m being totally real here, I know at some point in the next few years we’ll want to start trying for a family, whether it’s buying baby things or potential buying a house down here, I want those options.

I’m also getting to the point in life where I just can’t be arsed with caring about trivial stuff. I don’t care if people think I’m boring because I go home to read Harry Potter and watch Netflix on Friday nights instead of going to the pub. I’m sick of caring about what people think of me or if they think I’m dressed like a boy, that’s just who I am and I’m comfortable with that. Less caring really is the way forward and I dare you all to give it a try!

Although less worrying for me is much harder as I have anxiety, I’m consciously trying to let things go and try not to over think or obsess over them. It’s a really hard habit to break but if I take small steps every day I’m hoping it’ll become less of a problem over time.

I want to eat reduced amounts of shit food and not care if I give in to the occasional chocolate bar. I want to wear less make up and look after my skin more. I want to waste less time so I can spend that extra time doing more of what I love. I want to spend less time with toxic people and accounts online.

I’ve never been so excited about less.
Are you with me?




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