20 Things To Do Instead Of Braving The Boxing Day Sales.

The big day is over, you’re full of Christmas dinner, cheese and everything else in between and you’ve officially decided that PJ’s are your choice of attire for the rest of the holidays. Then boxing day sales arrives and we’re suddenly bombarded with sale emails, adverts and god knows what else and we’re reminded of all those things we wanted all year round but at a bargain 40% off.

boxing day sales black friday christmas xmas festive season new year eat drink be merry cosy BUT WAIT! Why brave the boxing day sales? Why not enjoy the rest of the holidays without buying more shit for no reason and enjoy 20 of the following things instead!

1. Eat another pig in blanket, go on, you’re totally worth it.
2. Plonk yourself down in the comfiest chair and watch some good old BBC telly.
3. Have another cup of tea, oh and go on, have another biscuit too, why not!
4. Start that book you got for Christmas, whilst enjoying said cup of tea and biscuit.
5. Wrap up warm and enjoy a family walk, it’s the perfect time to try on your new outfits!
6. Crack out the board games and have a little boxing day family fun.
7. Visit family members that you didn’t get a chance to see on Christmas day.
8. Message all your amazing friends and check in on them to see if they’re doing OK.
9. Try out all the new make-up you’ve received and share a selfie of your new look!
10. Catch up on the Vlogmas and blogmas posts you missed.
11. Crack out the new stationary and plan your 2018 blogging goals and content.
12. Watch Harry Potter for the 3294854 time.
13. Grab a boozey Christmas cocktail, because it’s never too early during the festive season
14. Take a family portrait, it’s the perfect chance to test out your new camera gadgets.
15. Play some video games, whether it’s something new you’ve been gifted or a classic like Sims.
16. Take a moment to yourself to listen to your new albums or vinyls etc and just have some family down time.
17. Delve into the chocolate selection!
18. Crack out one of your new candles and fill the house with gorgeous new smells.
19. Make plans for New Years Eve.
20. Browse the online sales instead….

Okay, I guess you can just look at the boxing day sales online instead now days and avoid the craziness that is retail shopping on boxing day…but lets be honest, who wants to leave the warmth of home, where there is booze and food and good company? Not me that’s for sure.

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and celebrate the new year in style. I’m off to grab another drink and catch up on Christmas telly with my hand deep in the Roses tin. xoxo

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