Things I’m Proud Of This Month: November 2017.

We tend to set ourselves lots of targets and goals as bloggers however we often forget to talk about the moments and achievements we’re proud of. Whether it’s taking some time away from social media, practicing more self care or trying a new creative adventure, we should talk more about our accomplishments. I’ve decided to share with you some things I’m proud of this month.

Thing I'm proud of november 2017 goals achievements aims targets podcast meeting other bloggers socializing gaming

Keeping up with my blogging schedule.
I’ve spoken about how I struggle to juggle my creativity before, I find it difficult to spread my creative juices over too many projects. I honestly don’t know how people blog, paint and manage every single social media channel going. This month I’ve been really loving writing again and so I’ve managed to keep on top of posting 3 times a week and somehow get some blog posts written in advance. I’m super proud of myself for coming up with some good ideas and getting them all written up and done!

Recording a podcast with Jemma.
I’m obsessed with podcasts (read about 5 of my favourites here) and I listen to them pretty much everyday. It’s been a goal of mine to start my own podcast, more on that later! So when Jemma (Dorkface) asked me to be on her new podcast I jumped at the chance. It was so much fun to chat about a specific topic and learn so much about her and myself in the process. I was super anxious about it, but I did it and I’m proud of myself for that! I managed to do something new and exciting this month, so go me!

Taking time out for myself. 
I’m one of those people that find it really hard to switch off, I’m sure I’m not the only one. I feel super guilty if I don’t have a ‘productive’ blog weekend or if I’ve not painted something new to add to my shop every weekend, even if I’m feeling run down and exhausted. So taking time out for myself to just play games with Nick, watch a new series on Netflix or catch up on my YouTube subscriptions has been really good for me. I’ve still managed to get all the stuff I’ve wanted to get done with my blog which gives me even more reason to take more time out to enjoy the weekends without the pressure of being productive. I’ve also spent more time socializing with work colleagues and Nicks colleagues which is really unlike me! I’m not much of a pub goer or a drinker, but I’ve been trying to make more effort to have fun and do things I wouldn’t normally do. For those interested, I’ve caught up on all of The Vampire Dairies and have started playing Overwatch a lot more!

Meeting up with Sarah. 
I speak to so many bloggers regularly online but I very rarely get to meet them in person! After speaking to Sarah for what feels like forever, we finally decide to set a date and meet up for a coffee! It was a really lovely afternoon just chatting and shopping and talking about our new project together, our podcast! We’ve been wanting to work on this together for awhile now and we chatted a lot about what we’re going to talk about and going over some ideas. I’m very excited to meet up more often and work together on something I’ve been excited about for months!

As I’m writing this blog post a little in advance, I’ll also have visited my best friend for the day in London, gone out for dinner with Nick for his birthday and made plans to have a Christmassy sleep over with my friends in December. I feel excited again to go on adventures and make new happy memories.
What things are you proud of this November? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to know!

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