20 More Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me.

I few months ago a wrote a blog post with 20 things you didn’t know about me and I found it really fun to write! I want to share more of myself on my blog so I thought It’d be fun to share 20 more things you probably didn’t know about me.

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1.I hate mayonnaise.
If I’m honest I don’t really like many sauces at all but I have a particular hatred for mayonnaise and it’s almost impossible to find a sandwich in shops without mayo on it. Sigh.

2.I work in the video games industry.
I’ve been a games tester for 5 years now and have worked on some pretty cool games. I wrote a post about my career in the gaming industry if you fancy reading more about it!

3. I read multiple books at once.
Which I guess is kind of a weird book worm sin hah! Sometimes I just can’t stick to one book at once and have to read multiple at once.

4.I have size 4 feet.
I’ve got tiny little feet but sometimes it works out for the best because I can buy kids shoes and save money!

5. I’ve never taken drugs.
Not that drugs are cool kids, but I’ve never done any and don’t really feel the need to do them either. Not sure if that makes me boring or not!? haha.

6.I love to learn.
Whether it’s reading, watching videos or listening to podcasts, I love learning cool new stuff.

7.Horror films is my favourite film genre.
Nick and I love watching cheesy horror films together and Netflix is a total enabler.

8.I love Christmas.
I get this from my dad who absolutely loves Christmas. It’s just a time of year where I feel completely cosy and homely and it means I can sit in blankets and drink hot chocolate all the time.

9.My middle name is Louise
..but who’s isn’t?! amiright.

10.Nick proposed to me on the top of a mountain in Cyprus.
I’ve spoken a lot about the wedding and the wedding planning but I’m not sure if I ever shared how Nick proposed to me… so now you know!

11. I don’t like burgers.

12. I have a tattoo of that internet picture of a pig in wellington boots.
No lie. He lives on my right foot and his name is Mr Piggles.

13.My favourite colour is yellow.
Which you’ve probably noticed if you read my blog as everything colourful on it is yellow.

14. I was a finalist in a fashion competition to win an internship with Debenhams.
The show was judged by Ben De Lisi but sadly I didn’t win. I did get chauffeured down to London for it though and to see my piece in the fashion show, which was pretty cool.

15.I’m really good at poker.
But I pretend I’m not so people underestimate me…

16.I’m a very sensitive and empathetic person.
Which means I basically get really emotional about a lot of stuff. For example the other day I was sat listening to a podcast at work and I just full on started crying and had to have a moment in the bathroom to get myself back together.

17. I passed my driving test 1st time.
With only 5 minors.

18. I’ve never broken a bone.
But have been in an ambulance twice.

19. I’ve been in love twice.

20. If I could ‘start again’ I’d want to work in the film industry.
Because I’m so genuinely interested by everything that goes on it, I think I’d just love working in the industry and would be able to apply my passion in a more productive way.

So that was part 2 of my ‘getting to know me abit more’ posts. I hope you’re enjoying learning random stuff about me, you can read the first 20 things you didn’t know about me post and learn even more! Let me know something random about you in the comments as I’d love to get to know you guys a little better too, bonus points if it’s super weird!



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