3 Inspirational Women I Really Admire.

We all have those people we look to for inspiration, whether it’s your friend, a blogger, your mother, celebrities or even YouTubers, they never fail to motivate us. Today I wanted to talk about the 3 inspirational women I really admire, who I always support, love and take inspiration from.

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I’ve never really had a strong female figure in my life and so, I often look to other public figures to look up to and gather inspiration from. It might be the ethics she has, her style, her honesty or even her make-up skills, but for me it’s important to have some inspiration women to look up to.

Kat Von D.
Kat is the most inspirational woman I can think of. I’ve followed Kat since I first saw her on Miami Ink back in 2005, 12 years ago! I’d never seen such a badass woman before who was so insanely talented. I love all of her tattoo books and go back to them often. She’s an incredible artist who I would give anything to tattoo me and if I ever go to LA her shop and gallery will be the first things I’ll want to go visit.
Kat also inspires my fashion choices a lot, she’s not afraid to dress and be herself, whether that’s feminine or masculine, it doesn’t matter. She loves strange and interesting shapes and cuts with clothes and I’m exactly the same. Not to mention her make-up line too, I mean, is there anything this girl can’t do? She’s extremely passionate about animals and their welfare and this is something I’m hugely passionate about too. She’s just amazing and an incredibly inspirational woman. I’m always excited to see what she comes up with next and follow her awesome journey.

Estée LaLonde.
When I came across her YouTube channel years ago I just immediately fell for Estée. She’s so sweet, funny, kind and I related to her a lot. Her easy-going personality and lovable charm got me from the beginning. I love her sense of style, her minimal make-up looks and her hair, which btw, is the style i’m aiming for, I quite literally took photo’s of Estée to my stylist when I went in last! She has incredible interior design skills and I’m in awe of her Scandinavian home, I always look to her when I need inspiration on how to style my house. I received her book for Christmas last year and I sat and read the entire thing in one sitting because it was so easy to read. Also she has the most adorable dog, Reggie. She’s recently released her own podcast called The Heart Of It where she talks about important topics every week and I’ve been really enjoying it. Oh and did I mention that when I got my 3rd tattoo it was totally inspired by Estée? She’s definitely an inspirational woman to me.

Jemma (Dorkface).
Jemma has been a friend of mine for a couple of years now and it’s only recently we’ve become much closer. Jemma was one of the first people I came across when I first started blogging because fun story, I was actually going to name my blog something very similar but obviously came across Jemma when googling names for my blog! Jemma works so damn hard and she constantly inspires me, whether it’s something creative like writing a blog post or painting a new piece, she’s always got something exciting on the go to inspire me. She’s super kind, honest and welcoming and we can chat about anything and everything without judgement. We’ve recently recorded a podcast together and it was so much fun and it really made me want to start my own creative projects again. Whenever I’m lacking blog post ideas I know I can go to her blog and come away feeling inspired to write about the topics I’m passionate about, so I urge you all to check out her blog too!

Who are the inspirational women in your life? Please let me know in the comments below as I’d love to know who yours are too! If I can add more inspirational women to my list after reading your comments I’d be so happy and excited to share more of the love in another blog post!

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