My Winter Warmer Fashion Essentials.

Are you one of those people who are just always cold? because same. So when it comes to winter fashion, I have to know the pieces I wear are fashionable but also cosy and warm. Over the years I’ve managed to perfect a few winter warmer fashion essentials that I go back to every single time.

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No, not all thermals are for grannies and old people! I didn’t give in and buy some till last year and I really wish I had done this years ago. Thermals don’t have to be ugly like you probably think they are, you can get quite nice basics on the high street. I bought myself a thermal long sleeve turtleneck top from M&S and it looks great on it’s own with jeans or under a jumper and makes a huge difference to staying warm on those chilly winter days. I also have some thermal long-john to wear at home for those extra cold lounge days.

Blanket scarf.
I feel like on the approach to every winter, my routine is to pick up a new scarf that’s so big you can probably call it a blanket. They’re amazing to wrap up warm in when you’re out and about but also if you’re freezing your tits off sat at your desk at work, you can wrap it around you and over your knee, grandma style.

Waterproof boots.
I’ve learnt the hard way over the last decade that waterproof shoes in winter is winter fashion essential. I basically live in Vans or Converse which unfortunately are not waterproof and nothing is worse than soggy feet. I picked up a real leather pair of converse instead of a canvas pair a couple of years ago that have been a lifesaver. I’ve also picked up a pair of leather Chelsea boots which are easier to style and helps keep those feet dry in soggy rainy Britain.

A chunky knit jumper.
Everyone has a classic jumper that they like to wear when the weather gets cold. I tend to find one I like every winter season and buy it in a couple of different colours, I can’t be the only one that does this? hah. I also to have a staple chunky knit cardigan that goes with my outfits for when I get bored of wearing jumpers.

Staple coat or hoodie.
A few years ago I invested in a coat that I still absolutely love. Investing in a staple coat that fits well, is cosy and has enough room for your 30 layers during winter, is a winter fashion essential. I also like to find a super soft and cosy hoodie during this time too so I can still be toasty warm in the office or on the sofa.

What are your winter fashion essentials? Do you share the same staple pieces in your wardrobe or do you add something else into the mix too? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to know!

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