5 Disappointing Movie and TV Endings.

I often talk about the films and TV shows I love on my blog but like most things in life, we tend to leave out the bad bits. I thought it would be fun for a change to talk about 5 disappointing endings from movies and TV I’ve encountered recently.

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For me, a disappointing ending is an ending that leaves you completely bewildered, wanting more, doesn’t make any sense whatsoever or doesn’t fulfill anything. I’m sure you witness more disappointing endings than you do satisfactory ones. You can tell a bad ending a mile off! I want to give a little heads up here that I’m going try not to spoil anything I’m talking about, but if one or two slip through, you have been warned!

1. The Mist, TV Series 2017
Nick and I were a big fan of The Mist film a couple of years ago, so we kind of knew what we were going into when we started watching the TV series for it. What I expect from shows like this is to show something more than what the film provided. More character development, deeper into the plot lines etc etc. But honestly this fell a little flat and I was disappointed I put 10 hours of my life into this show and with very little to show for it. It provided a little background to some new characters but it also did a lot of wishy washy filler episodes too. It didn’t focus nearly enough on the ‘bugs’ as it could have done and the ending was pretty much the same as the film which I guess is predictable but that doesn’t mean it’s good, y’ano? I can’t see myself watching season 2 if it happens.

2. Gerald’s Game, 2017
I actually was really surprised by this film. It’s a very interesting concept that I haven’t seen before, which is saying a lot as I watch so many horror’s and thrillers. I really enjoyed it and the film had a lot of layers to it, but sadly, the ending was a little slow.  I know this film follows the book really closely which makes it very authentic but the end left me wanting more, it felt like it finished a little short and too quickly.

3. It Follows, 2014.
They’d been a lot of talk about this film online and among my friends so of course I had to check it out for myself. I could definitely appreciate this film on an artist level, it’s long lingering shots with a dark visual quality and the music was eerie. The concept was interesting, based on the curse that is passed along like a sexually transmitted disease that follows you forever, no matter how far you run until you pass it onto the next person but is passed backward along the line if the person dies. It’s definitely something different, but I found it to be lacking that special something. It became pretty repetitive and predictable and don’t get me started on the ridiculous swimming pool scene. Honestly, I’ve never been so frustrated by stupidity and continuity errors. Firstly, if you were trying to kill something by luring it into a pool to kill it with electrocution, you don’t get in the damn pool yourself and secondly, you don’t plug them into a wall that once you throw them, then unplugs it from the wall because the wire isn’t long enough. Honestly, this whole scene had me shouting at the TV so much because it was completely pointless and stupid. In fact you should all go watch this film so we can rant about this bit together.

4. The Circle, 2017.
This is another one of those films with a great concept but with poor delivery. This film has some great ideas around a giant tech company that basically turns into a cult. Everyone lives together in the company grounds and has wearable technology that means they’re never offline. It plays on the ideas of how social media can be harmful and it turns out they soon un-earth some sinister plans from the big shots running it. Except this film seems to end where the interesting stuff begins!? The plot revolves around them bringing all of this ‘information’ about the owners to the public and finding out what they’re really up to, but instead of it telling us what they’re doing…it ends with the confrontation. No context at all. Great potential, shoddy and underwhelming finish. Films do this all the time when they build up to something so far-fetched that they can never deliver said thing and leave us with a cop out. This is a prime example which is really disappointing as I thought Tom Hanks and Emma Watson actually preformed pretty well.

5. Every American Horror Stories Season Ever.
This.Goddamn.Show. Right, I give this show a chance every single season and every.single.time I leave bitterly disappointed. I genuinely have NO idea why it is so constantly hyped up. They all start out interesting, but that’s because they put every inch of shock factor and gruesome touches into the first 2 episodes before they all fizzle into nothing. It feels like a show and tell of what weird things we can come up with that becomes a little sad and pathetic 2 weeks down the line. I recently finished watching the end of ‘Hotel’ which was actually some-what interesting for the first half way before it turned into ghosts and ghouls becoming ‘twitter famous’ in a weird fashion show of disappointment, literally. Will I still watch the next season though? Probably.  Will I get bored and leave after 3 episodes? Certainly.

I kind of feel better now I’ve got those rants off my chest. Sometimes I feel like I’m a bit of a film snob and Nick always tells me to stop taking things so seriously, but I care so much about cinema that I can’t help but get frustrated sometimes. I hope I’m not the only one! Are you ever left sat there extremely disappointed after a film or tv show ends? Have you seen any of the ones I’ve mentioned here or feel the same way about another film specifically? Then please let me know in the comments as I’d love to know your thoughts. I watched another film recently called The Bad Batch that I’m going to leave for part 2 of this disappointing series!

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