10 Things I Would Do If I Won The Lottery.

How many times have you played the ‘If I won the lottery’ game with your friends and family? It was a game my dad I would play every Saturday night waiting for the lottery numbers to be drawn. I thought it would be a fun idea to share my 10 things I would do if I won the lottery with you today, as they’ve probably changed a lot since I last played it!

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I’ve just had a quick look at how much the jackpot is for the Euro Millions this week to give me a figure to work with, so lets pretend I’d just won 48.7 million pounds on the lottery and here are the 10 things I’d do with it first.

1. Decide How Much To Give To Friends and Family.
I guess this is probably one of the first things most people would think about, well, the less selfish people out there! My family have never had much money and the first thing I would do is give them enough money to never have to worry about things again.

2. Book an Epic Holiday.
I’ve always loved travelling and due to lack of funds I don’t travel nearly as much as I’d like to. So I think one of the first things I’d probably do is book an epic round the world trip.

3. Buy a House. 
Now I wouldn’t be one of those people who blow all of my money on big lavish things, I’m just not really that kind of person. I would however like a nice base to come back to that was homely and cosy. I think the hard decision would be picking where ‘home’ would be, but I’d like a modest house with a little bit of land for…

4. Adopt A Bunch Of Rescue Animals.
I have always loved animals and we’ve been desperate to get a dog recently (which we can’t get for multiple reasons). So I’d adopt as many rescue animals I could because I would love them all so much. I’d hopefully have a house with plenty of land for them to enjoy running around and a cosy home to rest their head.

5. Decide Which Charities To Donate To.
I think this is pretty self explanatory but I would like to help out some charities that are close to my heart (because sadly I can’t help all of them).

6. Hire a Chef, Personal Trainer and Dermatologist. 
I guess I’m allowed to be selfish in something right? I’ve been trying to get into shape myself for awhile now so if I suddenly had the money to, I would hire someone to get my butt into shape and a chef that will make sure I’m eating healthy. I’d then hire someone to give proper advice of how to clear my skin up and be youthful again hah!

7. Buy Nick His Dream Car.
I’m really not that into big lavish things but Nick certainly likes his cars. I’d treat him to a car of his dreams.

8. Re-invent My Wardrobe. 
Once the personal trainer had whipped me into shape, I’d treat myself to a fun and colourful new style. I’m not into labels and fancy stuff at all, so it’s not like this would be a mega expensive thing, but I’d like to have a stylist who could help me feel fabulous with a brand spanking new wardrobe.

9. Learn New Skills.
As I probably wouldn’t need to work anymore, I’d finally do all the things I’ve been wanting to do that I didn’t have the time or money for previously. I’d learn about photography, take singing lessons and learn to the play the piano. I’d read more and make time to bake, all of course whilst playing with my 40 new dogs.

10. Plan For The Future. 
I guess what I want to put here is travel some more. I honestly would spend a lot of my time travelling but I guess I should be slightly boring and say hire a financial adviser and a lawyer and plan for the future. I’d like that money to last us a long time into the future so my children would never have to worry about money. And then travel some more… 😉

I hope you enjoyed this fun and different post and I hope I’ve given a couple of answers that aren’t so stereotypical! I’m now sad after writing this that I’m not mega rich and can’t travel the world…. but on that note let me know if you’d do the same things as me or something different in the comments below as I’d love to hear your answers!

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