My Love/Hate Relationship With Blogging.

Blogging is my favourite hobby, I can’t stop thinking about it when i’m at work and it’s the first thing I want to do when I have some spare time. I’ve never stuck to a hobby for over 2 and a half years before and for the majority, it’s been a happy relationship. But, like a lot of people at the moment, I’ve been having a little rocky moment.

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There’s been a lot of tension in the blogging world recently, so i’m certainly not the only one who is feeling it or writing about it. I tend to keep out of it all and just keeping doing my own thing which has worked pretty well over the last 2 and a half years but something recently has ruffled my feathers. It’s not anything in particular but it’s just a kind of feeling.

I’ve worked really hard and consistently to bring original content as often as 3 times a week to my blog, do you have any idea how much work that is? How much creative brainpower it takes to think of 3 different posts every week? The answer is a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever put so much effort into something in my entire life.

Now, before you start thinking I sound like a dick or that I’m ungrateful, let’s just not. I’m incredibly grateful for everyone that reads my blog, interacts with me, comments and talks to me on social media, but it’s not really about that. I don’t know, maybe I thought after all this time I’d have more things to show for my effort? I’ve had a handful of sponsored post opportunities after all this time and I don’t get sent any PR samples or get invited to events. I often think to myself, what is this all for? Then I’m left feeling uninspired and my content suffers. I feel like this is a thing everyone thinks about but doesn’t speak about. Maybe we’d all stop feeling so alone and downhearted if we opened up a little more about the downsides of blogging.

I have to remind myself that I do this for myself and I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of writing and sharing my life and random thoughts with the world. I love documenting the important events in my life and talking about important issues that should be talked about. I feel like in some small way I’m making a difference but yet, I often think, would the blogging world even notice I’m gone if I just stopped?

It really is a love/hate relationship for me at the minute, am I just carrying on with this because it’s a routine I’m stuck in? Would anyone even miss me if I decided to stop? What would I do if I didn’t have my blog to keep me busy in the evening? I honestly just don’t know how I’m feeling about it at the minute because my thoughts flick from one side of the scale to another. All I know is that we need to open up the discussion about it a lot more and stop being afraid to say things in fear of being shamed.

I want my blog to be a free space for me to talk about these issues and for me to engage with my readers, if I can’t be honest with you guys, then who can I be?

What are your thoughts on the bloggersphere at the minute? Have you had any of these thoughts or worries? Do you struggle with the pressures of blogging? Please let me know in the comments below as I’d love to know i’m not the only one!

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  • Jess Acorn

    I’m in a massive slump with my blogging at the moment so I totally get where you’re coming from! Sometimes you just need a reminder about what you’re actually doing it for and take some of the pressure of yourself

    Jess |

    • tarnya

      Totally! Sometimes you need to step back, take the pressure off and get re-inspired. xx

  • Ellis Woolley

    Oh god you took the words right out of my mouth. I feel exactly the same and I’m so unsure of what to do about it all 🙁 x x
    Ellis //

    • tarnya

      I think we have to just keep moving forward and challenging ourselves and be proud of our content,even if no-one else does. I love your work!! xxxx

  • I have literally been writing this post for the last two weeks, constantly editing it, never sure if to post it. It’s like you’ve been in my brain Tarnya. I just wonder if it’s one of those things that has become over saturated. Like everyone is doing it now which makes getting sponsored content, PR nods and even the occasional bit of bloggermail more difficult. I have all questions and no answers I’m afraid but I totally get where you are coming from.

    Kelly xoxo

    • tarnya

      I don’t really think I fully got across what I was trying to say, but even so, it can be really hard not feeling like you fit in properly or get the recognition you feel you deserve. But, all we can do is keep moving forward and trying hard to better ourselves. Fingers crossed we have some good things come out way soon! xxxx

  • Oh sweetheart I’m so sorry to hear you feel this way at the moment, BUT this being said I feel exactly the same at least once a month. I’ve been writing on my blog since 2012 and I’m the same. I’ve been to a handful of events and been given a handful of items to talk about. I thought it was going to get better this year, but it hasn’t, if anything it’s worse than ever before! I’ve spoken to my parents and boyfriend for years how I would love to do blogging as a job, even as part time and my dad always asks how it’s going. Crap is the only answer I can muster lately. 😛

    To be honest I’m past caring anymore about if I go to events or get stuff to write about. I’m just going with the flow and if any of that stuff comes up in the meantime then it’s an added bonus.

    I would miss you if you stopped writing, keep up the awesome work sweet. <3

    • tarnya

      Awww thank you Natalee, that’s very sweet. I think we just have to remember we do this for ourselves, but also allow ourselves to have a rant about the sucky stuff too and not feel guilty about feeling that way. xxx

  • I do feel like the blogosphere has become this very bitchy, very cliquey group. I see so much drama flying around, and I really can’t be assed with it. But I never let it affect my blog because I love blogging and I honestly think that even if no one read my blog, I’d still blog. For me. Because I enjoy it. Because when I started I had 0 readers and 0 followers, yet I still blogged. So don’t give up on blogging. Crucially, if YOU still like blogging, if you still enjoy creating content, then do it. Because there will always be readers out there who enjoy your blog. And there’s definitely at least one person who would miss you if you quit; me! x x

    • tarnya

      Awww you’re a sweetie! I just feel like I’ve never really fitted in and therefore will never get anywhere, if that makes sense? But I love writing and creating, so I won’t be stopping anytime soon 🙂