10 Fun Things I Miss From The 90’s.

We’ve all had those conversations with our friend or our work colleagues about things we remember from our childhood. The 90’s was such an influential time for people of my generation but also in the development of so many awesome things! I thought it would be fun to look back on 10 fun things I miss from the 90’s.

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1. Beanie Babies. 
I can remember exactly the moment I became aware of Beanie Babies. I had a great aunt who lived in America and she’d visit every so often with my second cousin. One year she came bearing Beanie Babies as gifts. They were a big thing in the US before they made their way over to the UK and ever since that moment I became pretty obsessed. I probably still have them somewhere stashed away in my dads attic.

2. Nintendo 64.
I’ve spoken before about how much video games shaped my childhood. One of my favourite games of all time, Zelda: The Ocarina of Time was one of the first games we got on the N64. Not to mention the countless hours my brother and I would spend playing GoldenEye 007.

3. Pogs, Tazzo’s and Slammers.
Who thought something round with a picture on it could bring so much joy and controversy. I remember these constantly being banned at school. I remember getting my own pog maker one Christmas so I could make them with all sorts of whacky pictures on them from magazines and whatnot.

4. Talkboy.
I think these became super popular after Home Alone 2 came out, but I carried mine with me everywhere. I’d spend hours recording random crap with my brother or recording songs I liked off the radio. It was always so much fun playing back voices in slow motion to make them sound creepy.

5. Game Boy
I remember getting this one holiday with my grandparents from a market stall and the only games we had was Tetris and Dr.Mario. I still remember the music from Dr.Mario like it was yesterday.

6. Dale’s Supermarket Sweep.
If you never watched this show growing up you missed out. Dashing around a shop trying to find certain products was the best thing ever, especially when it came to the round where you had to basically just throw everything into your trolley!

7. Scented Everything.
There was a phase when everything was ‘scented’. If it wasn’t your markers or your gelly pens it was Love 2 Love Bears who all smelt different.

8. Magic Eye Books.
Anyone remember those strange books with bizarre patterns that if you go cross eyed at they revealed some cool picture? I couldn’t do them for ages but when I’d finally cracked it, it was mind blowing.

9. Video Cassettes and Blockbusters.
I have so many fond memories of watch Disney films and Friends on the cassette player in my bedroom. Or going down to Blockbusters on a Friday night to find a film or game to rent for the weekend. Ahhh the good old days.

10. Polly Pockets and Mighty Max.
Whoever thought giving tiny little figures to children would be a good idea is a nutcase, but I loved collecting the fun shaped cases filled with tiny little figures. They were always really cute. I remember my brother having Mighty Max which was basically the male equivalent.

I know that I don’t miss Furby’s that’s for sure, mine used to wake up in the middle of the night and terrify me. My Dad took the batteries out and got rid of it in the end! And lets not forget about the plastic tasting food that was Dairylee Lunchables, they were cool at the time but looking back they were awful!

I could go on and on about the stuff I used to love from my childhood, maybe I’ll do a part two to this post one day because honestly there are about 50 more things I could mention. What are your favourite things from your childhood/the 90’s? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to know if we share the same nostalgia!



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