My November Goals.

I’ve been feeling really inspired again with my blogging at the moment and I can’t stop thinking up new blog post ideas. So I thought I would set myself some November goals to help keep myself on track and stick to a schedule.

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1. Post at least once a week.
My blogging schedule has always been to try and post 3 times a week. Whilst sometimes this seems perfectly reasonable and doable other times it seems almost impossible. So I want to vow to post at least once a week and to try and be organised enough to get 2-3 posts a week live.

2. Keep up with my Instagram.
For those that don’t know, I have 2 Instagram accounts, one for my blog and one for my etsy shop. So keeping on top of 2 accounts can be almost impossible. I want to take the pressure off myself to post everyday but just post regularly, whether that’s 3 times a week or everyday. I just want to keep posting.

3. Reply to blog comments.
I’ve been really trying to remember to reply to comments on my blog and have been doing it more often but I need to remember to schedule a little time once every few days to reply to them all. I’m always so appreciative of blog comments but it’s just one of those admin thing I completely forget about.

4. Spend more time interacting on twitter.
I haven’t join in any chats on twitter for awhile and I really miss them. I haven’t been putting as much effort into twitter as I normally would recently because I’ve been so busy starting a new job this month. This makes me sad as twitter is my favourite platform, so I want to join in more chats, random conversations and generally get more involved again.

5. Paint some different fun things for my shop.
I really want to add some fun TV inspired new pieces to my Etsy shop and experiment a little more, especially on the run up to Christmas. It’s hard to find the time to paint for the sake of experimentation but it’s something I’d like to spend some time doing in November. Now that I have a Tiger Store near me, I plan on picking up some art supplies and canvases to make some one off pieces to sell also, which is very exciting!

I know my November goals aren’t very strict at all but rather more of a guideline for how I want to spend more of my time improving different aspects in November. It’s really easy to get distracted and lose sight of things, so setting myself some goals really help keep me focused. What are your November goals? Let me know in the comments as I’d love to know!

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