The Only Simple and Stylish Watch You Need.

I don’t consider myself ‘stylish’ by any means, I tend to go what’s comfortable and a little bit androgynous but when it comes to my jewellery or accessories, I tend to go for the very feminine. I wanted to share this stylish watch with you today on my blog!

watch classic accessory browns family jewelers rose gold leather cluse minuit

I usually wear a silver necklace that Nick bought me for an anniversary from Tiffany & Co and the only other jewellery I wear is my engagement and wedding ring. This makes me sound like a jewellery snob but I promise I’m not! So when I was approached by Brown’s Family Jewellers to review one of their watches, I was a little dubious at first. As someone who doesn’t often write reviews here on my blog or finds accessories that really suit my style, I was honestly so pleasantly surprised by how stylish and classic the choices of watches were.

When I saw the Cluse Minuit Rose Gold watch I immediately fell in love, I mean, look at it! It’s simple grey leather straps is stylish and the round rose gold face is so pretty. The grey and rose gold just compliment each other so beautifully and looks really feminine and dainty. I also loved the simplistic and minimalist details on the face too, it drips elegance.

When the watch arrived, it was so carefully and lovingly packaged. It came in a little leather case that wraps round a couple of times to protect the watch from damage and is adequately bubble-wrapped. It shows that the jewellers care about the products they’re sending out to the customer and that extra little touch of detail means a lot to me as someone who runs their own small businesses.

I have really small wrists and all the watches I’ve tried on before with such a big face can sometimes look strange and too big, however I find this one is just the right size, it’s not so big that it hangs over the sides of my arm but not too small that it looks silly. As the strap is leather it is a little stiff, so the watch doesn’t sit close to my skin but I think after a little time wearing it it’ll settle down after the leather softens up. The watch is light weight but it isn’t so light that it feels cheap y’ano? It’s very comfortable on the wrist and doesn’t move around.

I honestly love this watch and I think it’s worth every single penny, it’s such a classic, simple and feminine piece that would go with so many bad-ass outfits. I think it would make a perfect gift for a friend or a family, especially with Christmas just around the corner and it’s currently on sale, so you can get it for even cheaper! I highly recommend you check out the website as they have a great range of watches and lots of other shiny goodies!

Let me know what you think of the watch as I’d love to know what you think! Is this watch blogger approved? Would you consider picking one up for yourself? Let me know in the comments below as I always love hearing from you.



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