A Little Fitness Journey Update: October 2017.

It’s been a couple of months now since I wrote about starting my fitness journey, so I thought it was a good time to give you a little update on how I’ve been getting on.

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If you read last week’s post on my little life update you’ll know that I started a new job 2 weeks ago. Pretty much the only perk of my last job was that there was a free gym, which I had been using daily for a couple of months. However over the course of August and I guess most of September, I had gotten so miserable at my old job that I’d kind of lazied out of the gym and was only going 2-3 time a week if that. Which I guess is still better than nothing, but it still wasn’t the commitment I wanted for myself. I was still going on my 30 minutes lunch time walk around the countryside though, so still managing most days to get in my 10k steps, which I’m pretty happy about.

So since starting my new job, I obviously haven’t had the chance to get to a free gym every morning which is something I am planning on changing. My new office is quite close to a local gym where a friend of mine has just moved to be a personal trainer, which I am going to take full advantage of once I’ve been paid this month! I’m going to sign up to his gym because it’s also a chain of gyms with another being really close to my house, so I can go for classes in the evenings too. I guess it’s kind of worked out perfectly except the fact that I have to pay for it, but that really doesn’t bother me too much because of how close both of them are to me. I’m still taking my walks at lunch time, as my new office in conveniently placed next to a beautiful big park that I can do a couple of laps around. I haven’t done this every lunch time so far because I’ve wanted to hang around with people from work to make friends and whatnot, but I do plan on this being a 30 minute things every lunch time, as I love being out in the fresh air and away from my desk. It’s also been a great chance for me to stretch my photography muscles again.

One of the major things I want to start doing is swimming which both of the new gyms have pools. I used to love swimming so much and I always felt absolutely knackered after doing it, so it’s something I’d like to try and fit in once or twice a week. I’ve even got myself some swimwear ready to go when I sign up! I find swimwear really hard to find that’s flattering and covers all of those areas you’re at the gym trying to feel more confidently about, so if you’re on the lookout for gym or swimwear I got mine from JD Williams sports section. They’re really affordable and good quality, I’ve been eyeing up some new gym leggings again already as my old ones are tatty and boring.

Then the last thing I’ve been trying to do better is eating healthier. I guess everyone has to go through this stage don’t they? I’m not particularly a bad eater but I do have a weakness for chocolate and I tend to give myself very large portions at home. I’ve also noticed that when I start getting stressed, anxious and overwhelmed I just don’t have the energy or brain power to cook properly and thus the oven cooked stuff comes out for convenience. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been going to the super market at the start of each week and buying a bunch of fresh salad and vegetables so that we’re eating something fresh. That way I can be lazy on occasion but I’ve no excuse to not eat all the lovely fresh and clean stuff in my fridge.

So I guess this post is one of those posts that admits to myself that I’ve been slacking and I need to stop being lazy and get my butt back into gear. I really think the healthy eating part is a huge step I need to stick to and hopefully feel much better from the inside as well as the outside. I’m also excited to go to some exercise classes where I know I’ll be worked hard, I think if I could get swimming twice a week and an exercise class twice a week (spread out) that I’ll be super happy with myself. The big challenge for me is going to a class or swimming on a weekend, so that’s something I want to challenge myself to do!

Let me know what classes you love going to? As there are so many now days I have no idea where to start, so any suggestion you guys have I’d love to take a look into to!



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