15 Things I Need To Make More Time For.

Life can get in the way can’t it? By the time you get home from work and put the dinner on, it’s time to repeat the process again. We all have our favourite hobbies but somehow never find the time to enjoy them. So here are my 15 things I need to make more time for.

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1. Self care.
I think the one thing I should do more often is looking after number one. Take a relaxing bath, cut my nails, shave my legs. I’d love to have a routine that I stuck to and keep on top of things.

2. Photography.
Photography is one of my favourite hobbies which sadly I only seem to have time for during my lunch time walk at work. I need to make more time on weekends or evenings to explore and experiment more. You can check out my snaps here on my Instagram.

3. Travelling.
I’d love to travel more, even just around the UK. When I’ve got a bit more money I plan on travelling a lot more. Here are the 5 Place I want to Visit before I turn 30.

I love my blog. I used to find the time to put together 3 blog posts a week (that’s been somewhat wavering recently) but I’d love to get back into a regular schedule and branching out into some new topics.

5. Visiting friends and family.
I’m 28 now, which means all of my friends live in a variety of cities. Now that I’ve got a steady new job I’m excited to pay some visit to my friends and hopefully see them more often. Same applies for my family too, I don’t get to see them very often either.

6. Play video-games.
As some of you already know I’m a games tester by day. This means by the time I get home I generally can’t stand the site of an Xbox! However there are so many games I’d love to play and catch up on in my backlog, so I’d love to have some proper time to enjoy it again.

7. Bake.
I used to bake all the time but I can’t remember the last time I tried. I’d love to take more time to make cakes and brownies like I used to, any excuse right?

8. Paint.
I already do paint quite a lot for my Etsy Store as you all probably know but I’d love to paint more for myself and just experiment and play around. I want to improve my skills and get better, like all good creatives.

9. Watch more films/go to the cinema.
I’d love to be able to keep on top of new releases more, but unfortunately I just can’t afford to right now. However I’m planning on getting an unlimited card as soon as I can so I can see all the new releases.

10. Reading.
I planned on doing the Goodreads 30 book challenge this year and I think I’m about 10 through. If I can get to 15 before the end of the year I’ll be really happy with myself but I do plan on reading more generally.

11. Dining out.
We’ve moved to a new city this year and we’d love to find some awesome restaurants and enjoy the process of finding them.

12. Listening to music.
I tend to be one of those people that go through phases with music, I’m either super into it or don’t listen to it for months. My new work place lets me listen to music so I’m going to take the time to enjoy discovering some new bands and of course, listen to some classics!

13. Sleeping.
I’m one of those people that tend to struggle with sleep, I’d love to be able to spend more time sleeping ha ha.

14. Giving.
Whether it’s time to listen to a friend, buying something to eat and drink for a homeless person or supporting friends on new projects. I want to spend more time giving back to others.

15. Spending quality time with Nick.
This is by far the last thing, I love spending time with Nick and I’d love to enjoy some new hobbies, games, films with him. I can’t wait to grow older with him.

There are always things we should make more time for in life and I’m really going to try over the next year to do so. I think it’s really important to develop and enjoy yourself, life is too short! What things should you make more time for?



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