5 Ways To Save Money When Clothes Shopping Online.

If you’re like me you’re constantly looking for a bargain, especially when we want to treat ourselves. When shopping online there are lots of ways you can save money, so with one of the most expensive times of the year approaching and the new student year starting, I thought I’d share 5 ways to save money when shopping online. I hope I can save you some of your hard earned cashola!

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1. Sign up to email subscriptions.
If you shop regularly at your favourite stores online, it’s handy to sign up for their newsletter. Companies often send out codes for your birthday, alert you to sales happening or alert you to new ranges coming soon. They’re really handy for being on the ball with what’s going on, specially if you’re waiting for something in particular to launch.

2. Coupon codes.
Sometimes I have a few things saved in my basket but I don’t check out because it’s just too expensive, I’m sure we can all relate? I often then have a look around the web for coupon codes or look at other similar websites to see if they have any codes running at the minute. For example, I always go to ASOS first when clothes browsing and save a bunch of simple staple piece to my basket. I often end up browsing Boohoo also, who have similar items as the ones I have saved but they’re always running some kind of discount. So if the deal is better on Boohoo, I’ll just buy from their instead. It sounds so obvious to look around on other sites, but it’s a good way to save a little bit of money.

3. Student Discount.
If you’re a student, most places do student discount now and it’s usually around 20%. 20% discount is a pretty good deal to save on clothes, boy do I miss the good old days of being a student! This is very naughty, but if you have a friend who has a student discount code, then ask to use it and save yourself a little bit of money too! I know I wouldn’t have a problem with letting my friends use it to grab more of a bargain if I could!

4. Shop the seasonal sales.
Most clothes websites have really good seasonal sales, which are a great way to save money. Sometimes it’s great to even pick up things at the end of the season for next year, if you like to be organised! I know what I love when it comes to clothes, so having things saved in your basket until the end of season can be handy on saving a bunch of cash on things you would have bought anyway. I do this with wardrobe basics all the time, like tights, t-shirts or underwear. It’s also great for picking up some holiday clothes if you’re going away after the UK summer time has ended.

5. Shop in outlet stores.
Finally, if you know exactly the kind of thing you want, outlet stores are great. I used to go outlet shopping in store a lot with my friends when I was at college/uni however it’s quite easy to get the same bargains online now too. One of my favourite outlet websites to shop online is LoveTheSales as it has a really good mixture of highstreet and highend brands with pretty good discounts, some things are up to 75% off! Who wouldn’t be tempted by that??

I very rarely treat myself with new clothes, so when I do I want my money to spread as far as possible. Just by taking a little time to shop around you can really make your money go much further, so you can save that extra cash for something else, or get more outfit options for your money!

I hope these 5 tips have helped in some way, please let me know in the comments below if you have any other handy tips for clothes shopping, as I’d love to know. If you enjoyed this post you might also enjoy my tips for reducing your monthly outgoings and living on a budget: where to start.


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