10 Life Lessons I learned At University.

It’s coming up to that time of year again, where all the new and excited freshers are starting their new university courses and starting an adventure into university life. University was one of the hardest but most enjoyable times in my life and I wanted to share the 10 life lessons I learned at university with you!

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Firstly I wanted to give a little overview of my life at university. I went to to Kingston University, London in 2009 to study History of Art for 3 years when I was 20. A little older than the average student but still my first time living away from home. I really struggled to fit in at uni, I was never into drinking or ‘partying’ as such and I found writing essays and the workload hard, but I got through it and proudly graduated with a 2.2. I have no regrets about my uni life, except possibly the course I chose as I’ve no real use for it now-days but I did learn a few life lessons during the process.

1. Grades are not everything.
Although some might hear the words 2.2 and think, well that’s not an amazing grade, well you know what? I’m super duper proud of that mark, I know I put every possible effort I could into my degree grade and I’m just proud of myself for graduating at all. Don’t let anyone make you feel less about your dedication and hard work, you earned it!

2. Just because you don’t drink/party, it doesn’t make you boring.
I’m constantly told, even now at the age of 28, that not drinking is ‘boring’. You are not boring if you don’t drink, you just don’t like drinking. Simple as that. I learned that you can still be fun and enjoy university life without being a super outgoing person, you just need to find the right kind of people who understand you.

3. Managing money.
Although I’d been working for a couple of years before I started university, I’d never lived away from home before, so managing money was a new challenge! I learned how to budget my student loan which also had to pay my rent for my university halls and obviously learn when to slurge on new clothes!

4. Doing your chores.
Everyone has those awful stories at university of living with people that don’t do their fair share of washing up. Not only do you learn to tolerate lazy people but you also learn to be do your own chores. Although I suck at doing my clothes washing, I’m still pretty good at keeping on top of everything.

5. You can make a meal out of anything.
It’s true.

6. Becoming a pro at small talk.
You’ll meet approximately 203832345 random people who you’ll probably have a 3 sentence interaction with. This is the perfect training to deal with elevator weather talk and colleague/office chit chat.

7. Enjoying the moment.
Ahhh what it was like to be carefree eh? Either way, learning to appreciate the little things, like realizing you have left over cheese in the fridge or enjoying a unplanned picnic in the park in the summer sun, just going with the flow was a skill I’ve learned to just embrace.

8. House hunting.
After living in some dumps during my university years, you learn to spot problems a mile off and ask all the right questions after the truly awful places you live in during your university years.

9. How to make real life long friends.
Although we all meet some very strange characters during our time at uni, we somehow manage to make friends that stick around for the long haul. They’ve seen you at your worst and still want to hang out with you, so that must stand for something right?

10. Being yourself.
The most important thing I learned at uni was to be myself. It’s a time to learn who you are, your hobbies, the things you don’t like and just embrace being yourself and making friends who embrace you for who you really are.

I’ve wanted to talk about university life on my blog, even though it was almost 5 years ago now…jesus doesn’t time go quickly?! I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun little post, let me know if I missed out some major life lessons in the comments, as I’d love to hear what you learned at university too!

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