28 Things I’ve Learned In My 28 Years.

As you have probably guessed from the title of this post, it’s my 28th birthday today! I’m not sure whether to celebrate or to cringe a little that I’m getting ever closer to turning the big 3-0. I thought I’d share 28 things I’ve learned in my 28 years on this planet, because did it even happen if I didn’t blog about it?

28 Things I've Learned In My 28 Years sweet allure happy birthday growing up maturing thing i've learned turning 28 I’ve actually booked the day off work today, as who really wants to be working on their birthday, y’ano? So i’ll be having a long overdue lie-in and a much needed duvet day on the sofa watching an array of films with my husband Nick, who is my nominated butler for the day. I’ll be porking out on snacks, birthday cake and I-shouldn’t-but-it’stotallygoingtohappen takeaway, as you only turn 28 once. Although you can’t join me in the fun celebrations, let’s share the journey of the lessons I’ve learned over the last 28 years, together!

1. Manners are so important. Use them, they’re free and make a world of difference.

2. Always be kind.

3. Be grateful for what you have.

4. Dream big but also enjoy the process. It’s the little ways that you push yourself to do that builds up to big things.

5. Eat the damn cake. Life is too short.

6. Exercise, in whatever way you find enjoyable. It will suck beforehand but it will always feel amazing after.

7. De-clutter.

8. Be yourself.

9. Support the women around you.

10. Moisturise. I didn’t start doing this till I was in my mid-20’s and I wish I’d started much earlier.

11. Make time for yourself. Learning what you like and don’t like and truly paying attention to yourself is really important. It doesn’t have to be hours a day, but set aside some time to look after number one. I usually do this during my evening skincare routine. I take 10-15 minutes everyday to pamper myself.

12. Be brave. This is a cheesy one, but it’s so true. Sometimes we need to be brave, whether it’s a small or a big thing, you won’t regret pushing yourself, learning and developing as a person.

13. Read more.

14. Accept that not everyone will like you and that it’s totally okay. We cannot make everyone like us, so stop trying.

15. Make more time for the ones you love.

16. Coffee is definitely one of those things you learn to love with age!

17. Drink more water. I know, I know, but it really does make a difference.

18. Be responsible. There are always things you can be doing to be more conscious of the environment.

19. It’s okay to not have your shit together and just because someone looks like they have, don’t assume.

20. Your best friends really are the ones that you can go for years without seeing but it’s like no time has passed since the last time you spoke. Treasure those friendships.

21. Enjoy the little things. I saw a hot air balloon yesterday and I just stood and watched it in the sky and I felt so content.

22. Laugh, be spontaneous and be playful. Never lose that childlike sense of wonder and innocence.

23. I will always prioritise comfort over fashion, heels, I’m looking at you.

24. I will never be that ‘sexy‘ woman, but I’m totally okay with being the cute one.

25. Just because I don’t really drink, it doesn’t make me boring.

26. Travel. Whether it’s to the other side of the planet or to the next town over, go out and explore the world.

27. Be honest. It might get you in some awkward situations sometimes but you have to be true to yourself.

28. Communicate. With your partner, your family and friends or your work colleagues. Communication is so so important.

I hope you liked this special birthday post of the 28 things I’ve learned in my 28 years!? All jokes aside I’m not too bothered about turning 28 and creeping slowly towards 30, probably because I still feel like that 17 year old teenager with no cares in the world! Let me know what things you’ve learned in your however many on this planet, as I’d love to know!

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