Things Blogging Convinced Me To Buy.

As a blogger who spends a lot of time on social media, we’re exposed to all kinds of new products from all different areas of life, not to mention everyone’s beautiful photographs and raving reviews! From time to time, I’m convinced to buy things that I probably would never have bought normally…
In today’s post I’m going to share the things that blogging convinced me to buy and give my honest opinion on if I used them…. if at all.

Things Blogging Convinced Me To Buy Sweet Allure

If I’m honest, the things that I get convinced to buy after a lot of hype tends to be beauty products. My make-up bag is definitely filled with basics, I’m not super into beauty so I tend to stick to what I know and not experiment. That’s until something hangs around on social media for so long I convince myself I need it and that it’ll help me ‘break free’ from my boring beauty routine. Guess what? I never really end up using them. I guess it’s time to delve into those purchases right?

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette
I’ve never owned an eye shadow palette, I don’t wear eye shadow because if I’m honest, I just have no idea how to use it. However after seeing the Zoeva palettes floating around the blogging world for so long, I gave in and put it on my Christmas list. I have to say, it’s a very nice palette, the colours are super pigmented and suit me but I’ve probably used it a handful of times and I guarantee it’ll sit in my collection unloved.

Sleek Highlighting Palette
I remember when highlighting became a huge thing, it suddenly was everywhere. I’d always liked the matte look for my skin as I tend to be quite an oily and sweaty person, so making my face look more shiny didn’t really appeal to me. I did try this palette, I wrote a post about whether highlighting was for me. But I can honestly say that since buying the palette for a blog post, I’ve not touched it since.

Zoella Beauty
I’ve actually always wanted to buy something from the Zoella range but it somehow took me until now to finally pick some up. The things I’ve been most interested in is the fragrances which for some reason I’ve always struggled to get my hands on. I like to smell something before I buy it and I’ve always missed my chance. However when the new Jelly & Gelato range was released I decided to take the plunge and take advantage of the 3 for 2 offer and pick up the new fragrance, shower gel and a candle from Christmas. I’m actually impressed by the products, they smell great, they’re packaged beautifully and were reasonably priced. The only thing I would criticize is the candle smell isn’t as strong as I would have expected but I think that’s a pretty minor complaint.

The Olympus Pen Camera
I saved the ultimate blogger purchase for last, the Olympus Pen camera. Every blogger and their nan has this camera and I gave into the hype when a friend of mine had a 20% off code. My camera arrived about 4? months ago now and the amount of times I’ve used it is approximately zero. Given, this is because I haven’t truly had time to sit down and play around with it and enjoy using it and that my blog has taken a bit of a back seat whilst I concentrate on my artwork. But I’ve basically spent £400 on a camera I haven’t touched because blogging convinced me to buy it. I will learn to use it and make the most out of it soon but until then it’s a very expensive shelf accessory. Although I do love my iPhone 7+ as an alternative camera for those wondering what I use.

I know this post is a little different to the post I’ve been writing recently, but I thought it would be fun to talk about the stuff that we all get convinced to buy. Hey, I mean at least I haven’t bought a Naked Heat Palette yet? ha. Let me know in the comments if you’ve been convinced to buy something from blogging as I’d love to know what!

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