10 Thoughtful Things To Do For Others.

Sometimes, it’s the little things in life that make a real difference. Ever had someone send you a little message to make sure you’re okay or checking to see if that interview you had went well? Or maybe you’ve been given a little gift because someone saw something they thought you’d love? Well, here are 10 thoughtful things you can do for others today and spread that love around.

10 Thoughtful Things To Do For Others Sweet Allure

01. Send a message.
I think we’re all guilty of thinking about messaging someone but getting distracted and never quite doing it but really take 5 minutes out of your time to message all those people you’ve been meaning to. Maybe you just want to check in with someone and see how they are, ask how something went or even message them something funny that reminded you of them. It sounds simple, but it can genuinely put a smile on their face and remind you both why you enjoy talking to each other.

02. Plan a meet up.
I know how hard it can be to see your friends when you all live in different cities but being the person to take the leap and plan a meet up is super kind and shows you can’t wait to see your pals. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive or extravagant, but grabbing a coffee or some lunch and chatting away like you’ve never been apart is great and it’ll encourage you to do it more often.

03. Write a letter.
Bringing this back to point 01, sometimes it’s so easy to forget to reply to a text message on your phone. Maybe there are things you want to chat about that you find hard to say on an instant message or maybe you just want to really make an effort with your friends. Sending a hand written letter is so cute, you can print off some picture or fill it with stickers and really take the time and effort to talk to your friend/partner/parent. Who doesn’t love receiving something handwritten?

04. Send a package.
This doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can be super thoughtful and sweet. Is it coming up to an anniversary of how long you’ve known your friend, a birthday or a special moment happening, or simply see something your friend would love in a shop? Send them a cute little package! When I got married I made these little suitcases for my bridesmaids with photo’s and letters that reminded me of all the fun things we used to get up to and they all loved them.

05. Support a project.
It might be as simple as sharing their new crafts on Facebook or Twitter or donating to the charity run they’re training for but it’s the little things that make a huge difference to someone else’s life.

06. Donate your unwanted items to charity.
Everyone loves a declutter and what better way to get rid of all your old clothes, unopened Christmas gifts or cosmetics you never got around to starting by giving them to someone that could benefit from them. It doesn’t have to be much, maybe you’ve finished reading some books with no-one to pass them on to? Donate them to women’s shelters, hospital wards or even Mental Health centres. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, even the little things are immensely appreciated.

07. Listen.
One of my favourite quotes of old time is from Fightclub and it talks about how people just wait for their turn to speak in conversations, rather than actually listening. So try actually listen to someone’s problems, whether is a work colleague, a friend, a family member or even a partner. Listen and be there for them without expecting anything in return.

08. Leave happy notes.
I’m a huge follower of PostSecret, which if you haven’t heard of by now, I URGE you to look up. One of the running themes to do with this website and book is leaving nice things on notes and leaving them in books. It sounds a little kooky, but finding a nice message from a stranger hidden somewhere makes my heart feel full with joy. It could be the little message someone needs to get through a hard time.

09. Skill swap.
Know someone who’s learning a new skill that you have experience in, why not help them out? Skills swaps can be really fun and you both get to learn something new.

10. Help out a new mum friend.
I’m getting to that stage in life where all of my friends are having babies. Being a new mum is hard work and anything you can do to help them would be super thoughtful. Offer to babysit one night so she can go on a date night, offer to go over and help clean or cook her dinner. It’s a simple thing but takes the stress off and eases the chores for a baby momma!

There are countless thoughtful things you can do for others without spending money or taking up too much of your time. So why not try incorporating kindness into your routine! Let me know if there are any other thoughtful things we can add to this list!

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