Small Businesses: 5 Ways You Can Support Them.

As I’m sure most of you know, I started my Etsy store about a year ago and it’s been one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done for myself. It all happened really quickly and has gone from strength to strength recently and I have you, yes you gorgeous readers to thank for it. It was with your encouragement and support that helped me open my shop and I haven’t looked back since. It also opened my eyes up to the all of the other incredible shops and artwork floating around in the blogging world, so I wanted to share 5 ways you can support small businesses.
Small Businesses 5 Ways You Can Support Them sweet allure

1.Buy from them.
This is obviously quite self explanatory, if you want to support a shop and you can afford to, then buy from them and help fund their creativity! What I do want to say is that when you do purchase from a small biz it actually makes a huge difference, you’re not just buying some generic piece that was mass printed in a factory, but supporting someone who in their spare time is working hard to create something unique to share with the world. That money doesn’t just stack up in the bank, it makes a genuine difference to someone’s life. So please consider doing this if you can spare the cash.

2. Leaving a review. 
Leaving a review on a purchase makes such a difference to a shops appearance to new customers. I will always go in and read about something before I buy it no matter what it is, so leaving one on a small businesses is a huge help. If you love a product just take a couple of minutes to write something about it and help bring more people to the shop! It would also be super helpful if you do have a complaint, to approach the store/owner first to discuss the problems, rather than leaving a bad review before giving the owner a chance to correct it, because I guarantee they’d be able to fix the problems or help in any way they can!

3. Sharing on social media. 
If you can’t afford to buy from the small business then sharing any promotional tweets or posts really helps spread the net. It might not seem like much but it makes a huge difference to help spreading the word and widening your reach. I’ve had so many sales by people sharing my work or promotional tweets on twitter. It’s a great little way to help people without spending money and it literally takes seconds!

4. Word of mouth recommendations.
If you’re not into social media then just generally telling people about the cool new thing you’ve bought, is perfect. Maybe you’ll have someone come round and notice the new fab item you have in your home, tell them where you bought it and point them in the right direction of the shop you bought it from! Or if someone is talking about something they want for their house and you know the perfect little shop for them to find what they want, show them! Word of mouth is so so powerful, because we usually trust what our friends and family believe about a brand and thus are more likely to buy from them.

5. Believe in them.
You might not have the money or the social media accounts to help, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be supportive. Perhaps a friend is starting something new and scary and you want to help but don’t know how? Support them, ask if there is anything you can help with, like packing up orders or helping source materials online. Maybe they’re struggling to think of a name or a certain look for their branding? Just be there for those awesome people who have decided to make a leap and do something for themselves. Honestly, the support I’ve received from my real life and blogging friends is what has kept me going sometimes. When I’ve felt super down or like I’m not good enough, those little words of love and encourage make the world of difference and make it all so worth it.

It wouldn’t be a supportive post about small businesses without mentioning some of the amazing babes I support in the blogging world, here you can read about a few of my favourite etsy shops so please go check out their stores and show them some love.

Do you love to support small businesses? What are you favourite shops? or ways to help? Please let me know in the comments below as I’m always looking for new shops or ways I can support all my awesome friends.

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