My Fitness Journey: The Beginnings*

Over the last year or so, I’ve come to realise that my self confidence has plummeted. I can’t really pinpoint anything that really sparked it, rather an accumulation of severe stress, money worries, anxiety, moving city and job and also changing birth control, which have had new side effects. But I can honestly say I haven’t felt myself in quite some time. After wallowing in self pity for what seemed like a lifetime, I finally worked up the courage to do something about it. So I wanted to share this journey with you, share what fitness regime I’m doing, what my aims are, my highs and the lows, because it’s going to be a long road ahead and I want you to join me on it.

My Fitness Journey The Beginnings sweet allure
When I started my new job back in March, one of the perks included use of the on-site gym. I signed up for an induction as soon as I could and within a few weeks I was ready to go. I kept telling myself that I would go, often finding excuses to not take advantage, because I just don’t think I was willing to commit myself to it yet. Not to mention I was working a hell of a lot of overtime and I just couldn’t find the energy to do anything, let alone get up at 5am just so I could use the gym.

A couple of months passed and I was feeling even more guilty but at this point I was taking frequent walks during my lunch time to enjoy the surrounding countryside and try and at least get some exercise. By the end of May, I was feeling ready to take the plunge and dug out my old gym gear and psyched myself up to going to start the gym. I decided to attempt going to the gym every weekday, so 5 days a week. I know this seems pretty all or nothing but I knew that if I was going to start this journey, I had to really throw my all into it. So on July 1st, a cold Thursday morning, I did my first gym sessions at 7am for 45 minutes and I’ve been every weekday since. That makes 20 days out of 28 as I’m currently writing this. Go me!

My current fitness routine consists of doing cardio Monday, Wednesday and Friday, whilst doing weights on Tuesday and Thursday. During the cardio days I try to mix up the machines I use, so I usually do interval training on the cross-trainer, treadmill and bike, I’m too scared to do the rowing machine as of yet! On the weight training days I tend to use all of the machines in the gym, low weight but plenty of reps! When I feel like doing something a little harder I take to the mat and do weighted squats, donkey kicks and a variety of other kettle or dumb bell exercises. The day after weight days are the worst, but I find working through it helps.

Before I started, I bought a Fitbit Charge 2, as I wanted to accurately record my heart-rate, calories, sleep and all that jazz but was finding phone apps to be quite restrictive. I love my Fitbit, it makes everything really easy and helps track my progress all in one place. I don’t think I would have stuck with it as much if I didn’t have this little gadget to help me.

My Fitness Journey The Beginnings sweet allure 2
As for the gym gear I’ve been using, I’ve got some tatty old things I bought years ago. But as a reward (and incentive) for sticking to going to the gym so often, I’m planning on picking up some new and exciting gym gear. I’ve been eyeing up so many on the Fabletics* website, everything is so fun and colourful and I can’t wait to treat myself and feel amazing wearing some funky new gear. Some of my favourite sets are pictured above!

So, as I sit here writing this after about a month of solid hard work and dedication you’re probably wondering if I’ve been seeing results from my routine. The first thing I’ve noticed is my skin is so much clearer now that I’m drinking almost 2 litres of water a day and considerably decreasing the amount of crap I would normally eat. I’ve noticed some weight loss on my hips and the cellulite on my legs has faded quite a lot already, so I’m really happy to be seeing results already! I really want to feel a little more confident in a bikini when in Cyprus on my holidays in July. Although I have to admit I’m worried that I’m going to be missing 2 weeks worth of the gym, so I’m planning some workout routines I can do daily whilst out there.

I’m actually thoroughly enjoying going to the gym and having it part of my daily fitness routine. I find going early in the morning before work just gets it out of the way, it also does a good job of perking you up and starting the day on a high. Some mornings when I can’t bare the thoughts of getting out of bed at 6am to get to the gym for 7, I push myself harder and always feel really great after going, thank you endorphins!

So yes, I guess I’m already turning into one of those fitness freaks. I’m just looking forward to the changes I’m going to see in 6 months time!

Are you a fitness addict? Please let me know what workouts you get up to or what fun gym gear you like to buy in the comments, as I’d love to hear some suggestions. Also if anyone wants to become Fitbit friends just let me know and we can swap deets! I’m going to try and keep regular update posts, I’m not really sure how or what, but I do want to chat regularly about this journey, so i’ll figure something out!

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*This post is in collaboration with Fabletics, however all thoughts, opinions and lame jokes are always my own.


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