The Slabb: Chocolate with class.

Anyone who reads this blog knows I’m a serious chocolate addict, it even came top of my list in my 30 things that always make me happy post  recently. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? Seriously, I don’t know anyone… So when Slabb got in contact with me asking if I wanted to collaborate with them and try some of their loaded chocolate slabs, I quite literally jumped at the chance.

The Slabb Chocolate with class sweet allure 1

Firstly, have you ever seen a chocolate bar as beautiful as this? Not only is the packaging classic and fun, but the slabs themselves are colourful and creative pieces of art. I felt very guilty breaking it up into pieces to take photographs! That was until I tasted it…. I had to force myself to stop eating it to take photo’s otherwise there would have been non-left!

White chocolate is my absolute favourite/weakness and this tasted fab! I got sent ‘The Amaretto One*‘ to try, the raspberry and almond really added something to it, taking it from a boring piece of white chocolate to something a little different and unique. I love it when chocolate gets messy and mixes up the flavours. I also love the cheeky little FRIENDS references for the names. After tasting this one I’m really excited about trying ‘The Peanut Butter One‘, because peanut butter is another favourite of mine and it looks like it has Reece’s Cups in it…. could it be anymore perfect??

The Slabb Chocolate with class sweet allure 2
The Slabb company itself is launching through it’s Kickstarter campaign which has one week left and so so close to being funded! If you’re looking for some fun new chocolate to try or even some very pretty gifts to give out for birthdays or special occasions, or even if you’re a fan of boozy chocolate! Then I highly recommend you go fund them or keep an eye on them for their launch soon.

I’m looking forward to continuing to collaborate with The Slabb when they launch and even run an exciting little giveaway for you! Who doesn’t want to win chocolate? So I will let you know when that goes up over on my Twitter.

Let me know what you think in the comments, does this look like something you’d love to try??

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*I was kindly gifted this chocolate in exchange for my thoughts. All thoughts, opinions and lame jokes are always my own.


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