How I Stay Organised With Blogging

When it comes to blogging, or at least if you want to take it more seriously, being organised is your best friend. Like everything in life, being a little bit more prepared helps you make the most of your time. This means maximizing your results from as little effort as possible, that’s the dream right?

How I Stay Organised With Blogging Sweet Allure
As most bloggers, I have a full time job during the week and blog in my spare time. Not only do I have to do normal boring adult stuff, have a social life and continue my intensive relationship with Netflix, I somehow have to fit in all blogging admin. Writing content, scheduling tweets, engaging with followers not to mention a million other things, it clearly helps if you have your shit organised when you sit down to tackle the endless list of things to do.

I’m not a wizard or own Bernard’s watch, but I do think of myself as a pretty organised person and know how to make the most of my time, so I’m going to share a few of my tips. I hope they can help you in some way.

Carry a notebook
I feel like a broken record on this one, but carrying a notebook is crucial for me. If I need to write down ideas or see my schedule down on paper in front of me, it’s genuinely a life saver for me. Whenever I forget my notebook I feel lost, I end up scribbling on bits of paper and losing them or never looking at them, so it’s nice to have everything in one place. If you prefer a digital space to keep organised, keeping notes on your phone or in an app is easy peasy. Nothing worse than thinking up some amazing content ideas and having them slip away because you didn’t note them down.

Plan your content
It seems obvious but actually planning out your content can help you stick to it. If you have a schedule or regular post days, then writing out all your blog post ideas can really help. Seeing all your ideas together can help keep things varied, not posting too many similar posts together or help you see which posts you are most excited about writing first. If you get sponsored post opportunities this can help make sure you’re on schedule and can plan your other content around them. I’ve never been the kind of person who can just sit down and write a post on the fly, so keeping my ideas organised helps me stick to a schedule. This also makes it easier to re-jig things around if need be.

Use your time wisely
Do you normally sit around browsing Facebook during your lunch hour? Instead of aimlessly scrolling your feed, taking 10-15 minutes to schedule some tweets is a better use of your time. If you use sites like Buffer you can schedule 10 posts at a time, but once you’ve done it, you can easily use the ‘re-buffer’ button to reschedule again in the future. So if you’ve got a new post that you’re planning on sharing multiple times, it literally takes seconds to re-buffer your 10 posts for the day. And you’ve still got 45 minutes left to scroll twitter and eat your sandwich! Obviously this could be applied to most blogging tasks, replying to blog comments, responding to emails or tweets etc. If you actually think about how much time you waste browsing the internet or scrolling aimlessly through apps, you could get lots of admin done, leaving you more time later down the line.

Lists, lists, lists!
Lists are my best friend, I’m seriously one of those people who could make a list of my lists… But it’s a very simple and easy way to keep on top of everything you need to do. When it comes to writing a list though, you need to keep it simple and realistic, don’t go writing down 100 things because you’ll feel like crap if you don’t achieve them. Keep it short and realistic and try and get the bigger/important ones out of the way first. Then if you don’t make it through the entire thing, you’ve got the most important things done.

Those are the main things I do to keep organised, they might be quite obvious but sometimes it’s the simple things we need to practice more to make the most of our time. If you make a habit of doing these things it certainly becomes part of your everyday routine! Let me know if you have any other time saving organisation tips in the comments below, I’d love to find out how you keep organised so I can steal them ha!

If you’re struggling for post ideas and need some help, check out my 50 lifestyle blog post ideas, you can thank me later!

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