Contraceptive Implant: The 1 Year Update.

Around this time last year I made the decision to go on the contraceptive implant. I wrote a post about my implant experience after I had the procedure done, however, I thought I’d do a year update to let you know how things were going. The implant generally takes about a year or so to really settle, so I thought it was only right I did another update.

contraceptive implant the 1 year update sweet allure

Firstly, I’d like to talk about my scar and the implant in general. I have no visible scar what so ever on my arm, which occasionally gets itchy but besides that I have no idea it’s there. A few people I know mention occasionally playing with the implant itself, which I’m afraid I’m much too squeamish to do! I have a feel around sometimes to make sure it’s still there (not that it’s going to magically disappear) but I find mine quite hard to find. However it’s not painful or uncomfortable in the slightest, so that hasn’t changed at all since getting it.

As for my periods, when I last spoke about it, they were still coming every month with occasional spotting bleeding. I have to say that they’re pretty much almost gone now, this month I had somewhat of a period (a couple of days of bleeding) which is the first I’ve had in at least 6 months or so now, but I do still have the odd spotting. This never seems to last more than one day and TMI warning, looks nothing more than the type of bleeding you get at the end of a period, aka, dark, almost brown and stringy. The period I did have this month was normal but quite painful, my periods before were quite painful anyway, but it probably hurt because I’m not used having them often anymore!

I haven’t seen any problems with my emotions or anything like that, but I do have some side effects that I didn’t have from my previous blog post. One thing I’ve really struggled with is hormonal spots on my back. I’ve never suffered with this problem so I’m putting it down to the implant but I get a lot of spots on my back, chest and arms since starting on the implant. I do have to admit that over the last month or so it has started to calm down, so maybe I’m adjusting to the hormone levels, but it’s certainly something that has made me very self conscious and wasn’t a side effect I was aware of so it might be something to be wary of.

Despite the last downer point, I’m still very happy I decided to go on the implant. It’s the easiest way for me to be safe without worrying about taking a pill everyday or having to worry about going back to the doctors all the time for a prescription. I’m hoping that my hormones level out a little and help with my spots but if it continues I think I’m going to talk to the doctor and see if anything can be done about that separately.

Have you got the implant or are thinking about going on it? Please let me know if you have any questions or want to chat about it in the comments! I found these blog posts really helpful to read before I decided to have mine done, so I hope this helps.

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  • Steph

    Overall. I think things have really worked out for you, which is lovely!

    Thanks for the update. I love update posts- when it comes to anything, really, like fitness, weight goals or this.

    Thank you for being so open and providing insight. Your posts provide great value for women considering the implant.


  • Emma Farley

    This was really helpful, thanks. I had the implant about a decade ago and didn’t get on with the second one – the main reason for going on it was to try and control my periods and it didn’t. From what I understand the implant is different now? I’ve been on the injection for the last two years and need to consider coming off it as they advise a max of two years because of the potential to affect your bones as you get older. The implant would be the next step for me as I can’t go back on the pill because it causes cervical erosion and I’m not keen on the idea of the coil. Think it’s time for a chat with a specialist GP. The great thing about the injection is it has stopped my periods and I wondered what switching to an implant would do but it’s interesting to know how it’s affected yours.

    • tarnya

      Hi Emma! Thank you for your comment. I would defo recommend talking to your GP about it. A lot of people go on the implant because they hear it stops your periods but that’s not true for everyone, it varies obviously. But if you’re looking for a great way to be protected without thinking about it, then it’s 100% worth it. The whole procedure in the first place was fast and painless, besides abit of tenderness from the bruising!

      Let me know how you get on?
      Tarnya xx

  • I went on the implant almost 3 yrs ago(only ‘cos I kept getting leaflets about it when I got my repeat prescription of pills, I figured I’d give it a go) it was great to begin with but after the first 6 months or so I had constant bleeding for over a month.
    I’m now on an additional pill(Cerazette) which I think is complete overkill. It was a quick fix to stop the bleeding – which it has done, I’ve not had anything other than very small spotting for months but I’m now getting concerned about the amount of hormones I’m putting in my body having both the implant and a pill.
    My implant is due out in sept and I won’t be opting for a replacement, I’m just going to stick with the Cerazette if that’s my only option.
    I wouldn’t say I’ve had a bad experience on the implant, other than the month of bleeding everything else for me has seemed pretty normal, I’ve always had combi skin, even in my 30s and my moods are always up and down so I’ve not seen a major change….my OH may say otherwise though ^_^
    Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s been an interesting read xx

    Gillian  xx

  • I’ve never been on the implant and cant imagine me ever wanting to (Im squeamish and cynical about it haha!)- But its SO interesting to read about your experiences!
    Jemma | DORKFACE

  • I’ve been thinking about the implant, I’ve been on the pill for a decade and quite frankly it’s a little tedious! Thank you for the update and the honest review. X

  • It’s always interesting to read about other’s experiences, so thanks for sharing! For me personally, the implant just did not work. I was constantly bleeding and after 6 months was put on the combined pill to see if that helped. It did, so I was recommended to get the implant out and stick to the pill. That has working fine for me! I’ve never tried the injection because it’s similar to the implant apparently… I’ve been debating the coil but it scares me haha!

  • I really like reading abiut others experiences to see how they got on with different forms of contraception, I think it’s because I’ve still not found one that works for me. I got pregnant on the pill, the jag didn’t work well with me, another pill didn’t agree with me and the IUD I had fell Out!! It must be good when you find one that does work for you and it’s good that despite the down points you do like it.

    Jordanne ||