50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas.

Sometimes we have those times where we want to write a blog post but we’re struggling with ideas. I know how hard this is as someone who tries to post 3 times a week, so you quickly run out of ideas! Today I’m sharing 50 lifestyle blog post ideas with you in hopes that it helps give you some inspiration and get your writing juices flowing!

50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas sweet allure

Home/ Interiors:
1. Moved recently? Tell us about your experience!
2. Tell us your furniture wishlists
3. Tell us your favourite pieces in your home
4. Doing some DIY? Show us!
5. Interior trends: Show us how you’d style them
6. Interior trends: Show us some cheaper alternatives
7. Show us the accessories that make it feel like ‘home’
8. Tell us your bedroom, kitchen etc essentials
9. Tell us about your favourite candles
10. Share with us your mood boards for your new room ideas

11. Show us your collection of … lipsticks, blusher, foundation etc
12. Show us your daily make up routine
13. Show us your daily skincare routine
14. Show us your favourite dupes
15. Tell us about the best Lush/bath products
16. Tell us about the products you always re-purchase
17. Tell us about the products you would never re-purchase
18. Do a first impressions on a new brand (or new to you)
19. Tell us why you went cruelty free/vegan
20. Show us some great cruelty free/vegan alternatives

21. Share a personal experience with us,  smear test, periods etc
22. Talk about an important topic, feminism, sexuality etc
23. Talk about your career
24. Talk about skills you’ve learnt in life
25. Talk about what you’d tell your younger self

26. Talk about why you started blogging
27. Talk about what you want from blogging
28. Share with us your blogging tips
29. Share with us your favourite editing apps
30. Share with us the posts you are most proud of
31. Show us the blogging props you like to use
32. Teach us about your camera
33. Show us how to take a good flat lay photo
34. Show us your blogging photography set up
35. Write a post about blog post ideas

36. Share with us your daily outfits
37. Show us your favourite trend pieces and how to style them
38. Show us what summer outfits you can’t wait to wear
39. Show us what you pack in your carry on for holidays
40. Predict what you think will be the next biggest trends

41. Share your creative projects with us!
42. Start a new hobby and tell us about it
43. Try a crafty DIY and share the results with us
44. Tell us about your favourite Etsy stores or artists
45. Show us your bullet journal or scrap books

46. Show us what you realistically eat in a day
47. Show us some great Vegan or Veggie alternative meals
48. Teach us how to make your favourite recipes
49. Bake something new and show us how it went
50. Share your healthy snack ideas with us

I hope you find something that sparks interest for some new blogs posts! Please let me know if I helped, as I’d love to hear from you! If you like this post you find these post helpful! 8 Skills I’ve Learned from Blogging and 6 Essential blogging tips for beginners .

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