8 Skills I’ve Learned From Blogging.

When I started blogging, it was merely as a creative outlet, I wanted somewhere to chat about the things I loved and share pretty photographs of the places I’d visited. What I wasn’t expecting was for this hobby to turn into a whirlwind of self discovery. Not only did I discover how passionate I am for writing, but I also discovered how incredibly self motivated and determined I am. Whether it’s been trying to grow my social media channels, planning content or networking, blogging is a huge learning curve and I want to share the 8 skills I’ve learned from blogging with you, because why not?

8 Skills I've Learned From Blogging sweet allure
01. Discovering myself.
I think one of the first things I should talk about is discovering ‘myself’. Before I started blogging I felt, quite honestly, lost. I came home from work everyday longing for something more. I had zero friends after moving to a new city, I had hours of spare time and no-where to direct it. Since starting blogging I have become a focused, driven, hardworking and confident woman (that’s right, I’m not 19 anymore!) who knows what I want with my content and working hard to better myself. It’s been a whirlwind of a journey but I honestly think it’s changed me as a person. Who knew that could happen talking about lipsticks, eh?

02. Multi-tasking.
Now, I’ve always been an organized person, I like order and schedules but blogging has taken this to the next level! It has helped me so much keep on top of everything I want to do and being able to set myself goals and targets to reach. Being organized is your best friend as a blogger, so make sure you have a notebook or bullet journal or something with you for when inspiration strikes and you can make a note of it. I feel like consistency and routine is a major factor to keeping on top of your blogging game.

03. Networking.
I’ve always been fairly good at networking but going to blogging events and talking to people online has helped my confidence grow. Although I’m not the most amazing at talking to new people, this is certainly a skill that has developed since starting blogging and has definitely helped me be proud of the content I create and being able to passionately talk about it to others.

04. Self-Promotion.
That self confidence has definitely helped me promote myself. A lot of people are scared of this aspect of blogging and I could certainly relate in the beginning. It’s a scary thing writing about things and sharing them with strangers or even worse, people you already know and worrying about judgement on the internet. But the best thing you can do for your blog is to promote yourself and be proud of the hard work and creativity you put into your online space. Don’t worry about how many promo tweets you’re putting out during the day, I can guarantee no-one cares and if they un-follow, their loss.

05. Photography skillz.
I have always been into experimenting with photography, I’ve loved it since I was a kid, however learning to shoot products and making things look light and airy was a whole new ball game for me. After countless failed attempts, taking 10,000 shots of the same thing and learning to edit images with apps, my photography, and passion for it, has never been better. I might not have mastered the ultimate flatlay but I think my ability to create appealing images has increased significantly since starting my blog.

06. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Didn’t even know this was a thing before blogging! I always thought the people who paid the most to Google ended up at the top of the search list, goes to show how much I knew! Although I am far from a DA of 50, I’m starting to understand/learn a skill I didn’t even realise was a thing, which I can develop and apply to my blog as I move forward. Keywords, alt tags and all that jazz is definitely a skill worth having!

07. Hard work and Dedication.
Before starting my blog, I was one of those naive people who thought it was easy peasy, buy some stuff, write about it, take a few photos….if only! I’m pretty sure no-one realises how time consuming blogging can be. From the creative ideas, writing them, optimising posts, taking photos, editing them, proof reading, scheduling tweets, commenting, updating your social media on the reg, it’s pretty much a full time job you chose to do outside of your full time job…thus, you learn to become the master of time. If you fall in love with blogging like some of us do, you develop the hard working bug and dedicate a serious amount of time to it.

08. Learning to appreciate other hard working people.
I think everyone has an idea of what a blogger does before they start blogging themselves, we all probably were misinformed and underestimated the amount of work. So one of the major things I’ve learned from this whole experience is how many other amazing hard-working women and men they are out there and how we all need to support each other. Whether its commenting on a post you love, retweeting them on twitter or giving them a shout out for #FF. It’s honestly all the little things that make such a big difference.

I’m hoping that by the end of this year I’ll be able to add a few more to this list. I’d love to learn how to properly edit a YouTube video or be record a Podcast, so lets hope I can gain some extra skills soon! Let me know what skills you’ve learned since you’re started blogging?

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