On Lack of Content Ideas, Breaks and Feeling Guilty.

I’ve been in the blogging game for over 2 years now and no-matter how well I’m doing, whenever I feel like my ideas are lacking or if I’ve taken a break for awhile, I always feel guilty.

On Lack of Content Ideas, Breaks and Feeling Guilty

It doesn’t matter if I’m away from my blog for a few days, or if I’m away for a few months, I get this overwhelming feeling of guilt. We’re all told in the blogging world to keep pushing out content, keep interacting on social media, do this & that to grow and ‘get big’ but no-one really talks about the repercussions this has when we feel like we’re failing.

You are not failing anyone, especially yourself. I have to admit I’ve often felt this guilt when I’m exhausted and just wanted to sit and watch TV after work and get that familiar sinking feeling creeps in turns to ‘I could have written a post tonight‘ or done something more productive. We’ve probably all been guilty of it at some point or another but what we need to remember is that our blog is our own, no-one else makes the decisions and we shouldn’t feel pressured into doing something if we aren’t feeling it. We wouldn’t force our friends to do something if they weren’t 100% into it so I wouldn’t expect a fellow blogger to do the same? I’d rather read content months apart from someone who has whole heartily written than content pushed out for the sake of it, quality over quantity and all that.

It’s also totally acceptable to take breaks. During the later part of my wedding planning I got hit pretty suddenly with crippling anxiety and stress and despite how much I tried, I just couldn’t focus on my blog if my life depended on it. Although I was riddled with guilt the entire time and my mind was still occupied with blogging thoughts, it did me the world of good to step back from my content and enjoy time for myself. It took a few months and approximately 50 Lush bath bombs and countless hours of YouTube videos but I was finally back to place where I could focus and I’m sure my blog was better because of it. If you feel like everything is overwhelming and too much for you, it is okay for you to take a step back and do what is best for yourself. Your readers will still be here waiting, they’re people with problems too and they’ll be incredibly understanding.

I also think breaks are perfect for giving your brain time to wonder. I find when I’m constantly thinking about blog post ideas, I find it hard to think of ideas that are outside of the box. When we’re constantly on social media we tend to see all this amazing content and we try to think of a way we could make content similar, even if we don’t realise we’re doing it. I follow so many beauty bloggers and after constantly looking at amazing flat-lays of lipsticks I would never buy, I find myself thinking ‘maybe I should do more beauty posts’ when really I should be thinking about the things I enjoy, are passionate about and want to write about. Taking a break, be it away from blogging, or social media in general, its helps clear your head and really focus on the topics you want to talk about rather than the ones you feel you should talk about. We take breaks and holidays away from our normal jobs to refresh and rejuvenate ourselves without feeling guilty, so why shouldn’t it be the same for your creative endeavours?

In an attempt to rid myself of the blogging content guilt thang I’ve decided to dedicate myself to writing blog posts for one day a week. This is usually one of the days on the weekend where I sit down and try and write 3 blog posts for the following week. I find when I give myself a dedicated time spot to do it I’m much more focused and if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen and I try not to be too hard on myself because of it. Creating ‘x’ amount of content every week is incredibly hard work, so if occasionally it’s just not flowing you should give yourself a break and relax. Your blog isn’t going to go into meltdown, you won’t lose your followers or be shamed by the community. The most important thing you can do is look after yourself and come back to it when you’re feeling fresh and excited about writing!

You are in control of your blog and  your content, no-one else. So lets all stop feeling guilty for something we shouldn’t and go back to why we started blogging in the first place, talking about the things we love, as and when we are ready.

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