30 Things That Always Make Me Happy.

Often when I’m feeling a little bit down, I like to do something positive, like tell someone how much I love them, how much I appreciate their work or generally try and spread good vibes. As I’ve been feeling quite anxious recently, I thought I’d counteract it by talking about 30 things that make me happy.

Although these are little things, I find that it’s the little things you do for yourself that make the biggest difference, like sitting in front of your favourite TV show, munching on some snacks, cosy in a blanket, which is exactly what I’m doing whilst writing this post!

sweet allure 30 things that makes me happy image of the sky

1. Chocolate
2. Painting
3. A nice cup of coffee in the morning
4. Blankets and feeling cosy
5. Dogs
6. Going for walks
7. Listening to podcasts
8. Finding an outfit that makes you feel bomb AF
9. Wotsits
10. When you come up with an amazing blog post idea
11. Brunch dates with friends
12. Putting my PJ’s on
13. Takeaways, pizza, curry, chinese food, mmmm
14. Watching Sims 4 videos on YouTube
15. Chatting to people on Twitter
16. Visiting new places
17. Taking an amazing photograph
18. Fairy lights
19. Finding an amazing new TV show and getting obsessed with it
20. Smelling of my favourite perfume
21. Playing video games
22. Experimenting with my Polaroid cameras
23. Good make-up days
24. Pay day
25. Discovering a awesome book
26. Hearing a tuunnneee on the radio and singing along in the car
27. Creating something I’m really proud of
28. The sounds of the birds tweeting
29. Rain and thunderstorms
30. Lazy mornings

Towards the end of last year I was feeling really low and to help myself try and focus on the good, I wrote a post about 16 good things that happened in 2016, so if you’d to have a read of that, head on over.

Please let me know what you do to make yourself feel happy when you’re having a bad day, as I would love to know! I have more than 30 but I just wrote down the first ones that came to me.

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  • I love posts like this, they’re so uplifting to read – I love 99% of these too, Can’t beat a nice long walk!.
    Charlie | http://www.charlieswonderland.co.uk

  • I feel the same about most of these. Sometimes it’s just lovely to look back on things that make you smile if you need the motivation.

  • Things that make me happy include; cats, chocolate, Sims 4/Theme Hospital, reading, watching shitty horror movies, a long, hot Lush bath! http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk

  • Renita Betts

    This post is amazing and had me thinking in the things that make me happy. Thanks for sharing!

  • Really enjoyed reading this, think we’re pretty similar in interests haha!
    I love putting on fairy lights, candles etc, and watching netflix in bed, or even just listening to rain on the windows can be so relaxing and cheers me up 🙂
    Watching funny YouTube videos or doing anything that’ll make me laugh always helps too 🙂
    Love the blog! 🙂 x

  • Explore a Corner

    Nice list. I love singing along the songs driving around alone. Unfortunately my car insurance expired yesterday so I can no longer do that at the moment. Maybe I’ll have to start singing in the shower instead? I like to look at travel inspiration when I need cheering up and also updating my travel scrapbook.

  • I feel happy just thinking about putting my Pyjamas on… Haha!
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex

  • Love this list 🙂 Dogs always put a smile on my face. There are so many cute ones where I live.