4 Netflix Original Shows You Need To Be Watching Right Now.

As an avid lover of Netflix, I watch my fair share of the listings, so when a new Netflix Original pops up on the New Releases section, I’m always intrigued to see what they’ve bought to the table next. I decided to write about the 4 Netflix Originals I’ve really enjoyed watching recently and of course, by this I mean, binge watched in the course of an evening.

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1. Riverdale
I was a little hesitant about watching this one, I have to admit. From what I’d heard and read it was a teen-drama situation, however I found myself really enjoying it. It’s actually based on the famous Archie comics you’ve probably heard about for years, however I knew nothing about them so this intrigued me. It’s about a high school where one of the kids gets murdered and the whole show is about unraveling the mystery of ‘who done it’. I found myself really liking some of the characters, even if they were annoying, and the way it’s filmed, visually, is really dark and beautiful. It might be a bit of a mindless one to watch, but I think it’s one of the best ones I’ve seen recently.

2. Santa Clarita Diet
A friend recommended this to me and if I’m honest, I’d seen this around for awhile and didn’t think it was anything I was interested in. Oh, how we mustn’t judge a book by it’s cover! I thought this was another American show about a middle aged woman going on some fab diet, as you could probably have guessed from the title, however this is totally just a weird modern take on a zombie situation. It’s actually brilliant. A mother/wife turns into a Zombie and her husband and her have to figure out how to make this new ‘situation’ work. Thier husband and wife relationship takes on new realms as they tackle the basics of zombie life, from working out how and who to kill in order to please her appetite for braaaainnnnsss. It’s a funny and a new take on the zombie genre and definitely worth a watch. I’ve read it’s been given the get go for a season 2 and this makes me very excited!

I’ve actually spoken about season 1 of this shows in some previous posts here on my blog, but after just finishing season 2 (in 1 sitting may I add) I was reminded on how much I love (lol get it) this show. It’s about the not-so-average relationship between two mismatched characters that try to make it work whilst tackling sex/love/alcohol addiction, long distance and pretty much everything else in-between. Season 2 is certainly more serious than season 1, but I’m really enjoying the character development which I can’t wait to see more of in season 3!

4. 13 Reasons Why
This show is about a teenage girl who kills herself and leaves behinds 13 tapes, each with a reason why it led to the taking of her own life. This show is not for the fainthearted or those that might be sensitive or triggered by the topics mentioned. There has been a lot of discussion around 13 Reasons Why, both positive and negative. I fall on the positive side of the discussion, I think it’s really important to share these kind of stories and break down a lot of the barriers we have about mental health but be aware this might not be for you. If you do decide to watch this, I highly recommend you watch the 30 minute documentary after (which is in the series listings) to help understand why they filmed the show the way they did.

Have you watched any of these shows? If you have let me know what you thought of them in the comments below! Also let me know what your favourite Netflix Original shows are, as I would love to watch more!

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