Dear Instagram, I Still Love You.

As I’m sure most of you in the Blogging community know, there has been a lot of shit going down about Instagram. It gets a lot of hate as of late and although I totally think some of it is justified, I also just think people need to go back to basics.

Sweet Allure Dear Instagram, I Still Love You.
Instagram, at it’s core, is a visual platform. It’s the kind of app you can mindlessly scroll through if you just want to look at pretty images, or it can be an amazing visual extension of your blog, your life and your passions. I used to fall in and out of love with Instagram quite frequently, I’d be obsessed with it for like a month and then drop it like it’s hot. Yes, I just made a Snoop Dogg reference.

Over the past few months, I’ve been having a pretty sweet love affair with Instagram. I took the decision a couple of weeks ago to use Instagram as a platform to show off my photography, instead of filling my feed with just stuff that I didn’t really care about, but I felt I should be sharing. Oh the pressures of blogging and maintaining that ‘perfect’ blogging image eh?

Since deciding to use Instagram as a platform to experiment and explore my creativity, share and find people with the same passions, I’ve been enjoying the platform even more and I think people have been enjoying my feed too. It’s about using the platform in a way you enjoy and getting the most out of it for you, whether that’s connecting with other like-minded people or sharing something you care about.

So lets say fuck it to the algorithm and all the drama, just use it as that platform we fell in love with in the first place. A place to share images we love, interact with people who have the same passions, learn, experiment and lets face it, lust over beautiful images because we all have a serious case of #wanderlust.

What are your thoughts on Instagram recently? and do you think we should all just get back to it’s roots and enjoy sharing and creating images we want to share with other people? Have you considered just enjoying it for what it is and not caring about the number of love hearts or comments you get on ever image?

If you want to be amazing and check out my Instragram account and follow my journey, I would be so happy if you did. Let me know what you think of my photography and feel free to suggest anything you’d like me to take photo’s of, I love the challenge!

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