Moonpig: Not Your Average Card Shop*

Everyone has probably heard of Moonpig by now? Or probably had the theme songs stuck in their head at some point or another! But until recently I genuinely only thought that they made cards. Due to Nick and I being apart on valentines day, I was surprised with a little gift box from Moonpig. It came with a card and a cute little fox teddy, that you can put in the microwave to heat up, as I’m seriously, always cold. When I saw that it had come from Moonpig, I was pretty impressed, I had no idea that they had started doing gifts.

When I was contacted a few weeks later about working together with them on a post, I was over the moon, hah, get it? Genuinely though, I was pretty excited about seeing what other cool stuff they had up on their website. I was actually really impressed with the ranges of things you can buy. They have everything from alcohol and chocolates, (got your attention now!) to notebooks, toys, flowers and much more.

I decided I was going to treat myself with a couple of bits. I’ve been having a bit of a rubbish time recently and even more so financially and I’ve been feeling fed up of keeping an eye on every single penny, so I wanted to grab a couple of things for myself, because why not?

They generously gifted me £50 to spend on the website, so the first places I headed to was the home and stationary sections. I was scrolling through and came across this Peg Board, I’ve actually had this on a gift list from before Christmas and thought I’d treat myself to it for my new apartment. I also thought it would be good as a blog post prop, so it went straight in my basket for the bargain price of £13.

The next thing I picked up was a moleskin notebook. I’ve actually bought myself one of these in the past and think they are great quality! It comes with me everywhere because I’m such a note and list maker, so I can’t go anywhere without a notebook by my side! I thought for £10 this was a good quality notebook that I would get really good use out of and it was a pretty decent size too.

Then the last thing I picked up was a fathers day card for my dad. Funny story, I genuinely thought that fathers day was really close and thought, well whilst I’m here I might as well be prepared. Turns out fathers day isn’t until June….so even more prepared than I thought, LOL.

Everything arrived pretty quickly too, I ordered these on a Monday and they were with me by the Wednesday so if you are ordering something to send to a friend or loved one,  no panicking that they won’t arrive on time! All of the items were really great quality and I wouldn’t hesitate to pick something else up in the future!

I’ve actually saved a little bit of the credit they’ve given me to spend when new things catch my eye, as the stock gets updated quite regularly, just looking today to write this post I’ve seen lots of new things on there! So I do recommend checking back if you need to send someone a cheeky little gift, some of the hampers are really lovely, which would be ideal for mothers day next week!

Have you ever bought anything a little different from Moonpig? or would you consider checking them out now? Let me know in the comments. I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, I’ve spent mine binge watching YouTube and taking naps!

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*This blog post is in collaboration with Moonpig, however any thoughts, opinions an d bad jokes are always my own.