Why You Don’t Need To Spend Money To Blog.

When I first started blogging almost 2 years ago, I almost always spent some kind of money in order to produce any kind of content for Sweet Allure. By this I mean, I would usually spend money in some form, for example buying new makeup or clothes in order to have the excuse to write a blog post. However after the first couple of months after starting my blog, I vowed to myself that blogging didn’t have to be this way and that I didn’t want to spend money to make content. I’d like to say right here that I still enjoy reading and watching haul videos and new in features, I love stuff just as much as everyone else! But I just felt like I wanted my content to be more than just material things and it doesn’t often get talked about in the blogging community.

In all niches throughout the blogging community, be it beauty, lifestyle, fashion, baking, books etc behind pretty much every blog post, some money has been spent. Whether this is intentional or not, it’s unavoidable. After going through some pretty unstable years financially, I just really wanted to make my blog posts less about material things (which hasn’t been an easy process) and more about thoughts, opinions and creative/original content.

This has, on many occasions, made me feel inadequate as a blogger. I can’t afford the latest eye shadow palette or the newest fashion trends and I probably never will do, which makes me feel like my content gets overlooked a lot of the time. If you can’t keep up with the latest trends, how do you appeal to the masses? I’ve struggled with this a lot over the last two years and often feel like I’ll never be the kind of blog people look up to or inspire people to think outside of the box but this little space has grown a lot over the past year and I’m so super proud that people come back here for new posts.

So, why don’t you need to spend money to blog? The reasons are pretty simple, you don’t need to spend money to have creative freedom. You also don’t need to buy stuff to make you happy, although, if it does make you happy, that’s also totally cool. I’m not going to lie, blogging and thinking up new blog post ideas as frequently as I do is hard. I have to pay attention to the thoughts and ideas I have and work on them until they take form to write up into a blog post. I have to really pay attention to the things I’m really loving at that moment and write about it, whilst I’m passionate about it and not let it float on by and I miss the opportunity, which is something I’ve learnt along the way! So many blog post ideas I’ve had have spiraled down the drain because I left them too long without taking the chance to make it into something substantial when it was fresh.

I honestly think that spending little to no money has forced me to be way more creative with my content ideas. It’s forced me to think ‘outside of the box’ and go with more opinion pieces, more niche topics like video games and talk about the things I actually care about and not just jump on the newest thing in the market and trying to get content out before everyone else does the same. I don’t think I would have stuck around for 2 years if this wasn’t the case.

So I wanted to leave you with a few tips about blogging without spending money.

01. Be yourself.
I know this is really cliche, but who you are is what makes you unique and there will always be someone out there who can relate to you. If you are passionate about making paper planes and want to write about it, do it! Basically, don’t be afraid to talk about things you are interested in because it makes unique content, with your unique views. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

02. Take a different angle.
A thing I really like to do on my blog is talk about a topic (or even products occasionally) but take a different perspective on it. I rarely do straight up reviews for things because I can read better elsewhere in my opinion. However I do like to take my own spin on things. For example, I bought the highly raved about Sleek Highlighting palette, so instead of doing a straight up review, I decided to try highlighting for 2 weeks and see how I got on and whether it would be something I kept in my daily make-up routine.
Taking a topic that is being talked about and putting your own spin or angle on it, can really make your content unique to you and give readers a new perspective on something.

03. Utilize the things you already have.
This fits nicely into the previous point, but you probably already have a shit load of stuff. Do you have an outfit you love? Share it. Do you use the same make-up or skin care routine? Share it. Do you have an awesome collection of films or books? Share it. You probably have so many interesting things around you already, that you just need to brainstorm ideas and create the content.

A great way to getting into spending less on your blog is by doing a spending ban. Try going a month without spending money and see where your ideas come from or what topics spring to mind to talk about.

I really think you should challenge yourself and see what blog post ideas you can come up with without spending any money, you might find you have so much creative/unique content waiting to be made!

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