5 Video Games That Shaped My Childhood.

Video games have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. Some of the earliest and fondest memories I have are sitting around with my dad watching him play James Pond, Desert Strike, Road Rash or even pinball games. It’s just something that became part of the everyday, my uncle would often come around and play video games with my dad, it was just something we all looked forward to. As my brother got older and got more into gaming, we’d spend whole summer holidays sat around playing video games in his bedroom, he’d always play and I’d always be the one watching and reading the guide books trying to help him. Gaming is a topic I have always wanted to talk about here but never have, I’m vowing to bring a bit more gaming to Sweet Allure, so I hope you enjoy it!

I decided to start with the 5 video games that shaped my childhood, it made sense going back to where it all started!

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01. Zelda: Ocarina of Time
This is probably one of the most iconic games of all time. I remember my dad bringing this home and us all sitting around to watch him play it. What I remember so vividly is the soundtrack, I’d never heard anything like it before. Being able to set your own music with the scarecrow song was just mind blowing. When my brother and I were old enough, Ocarina of Time was our 6 weeks holiday project. We’d play it every single day trying to complete it. The water temple was evil and I still couldn’t do that today without some serious struggles.

02. Harvest Moon
I think this is where my obsession with simulator games started. This was the other game my brother and I would fill our time with in the summer holiday from school when we needed a break from the stressful life of puzzles. This is basically a farming simulator game, you plant your little crops and look after your animals whilst getting to know the towns folk. You could even join in festivals, get married and have kids. It’s such a cute little game and I have really fond memories of it. I just remember everything being really cute. The modern day equilivent to this is probably games like Animal Crossing, so if you like those games I’d check out the DS versions of Harvest Moon.

03. Pokemon
I think any child born in the late 80’s/early 90’s was in some way influenced by Pokemon. I don’t even really remember when it came about but I just remember it suddenly being everywhere and everyone was obsessed with it..and still is. I used to watch the cartoon every morning before school because it was on about 7:30-8am, it just became part of everyday life. When the gameboy games came out I remember my friend Liam at school being the first person to get it and I remember sneaking a go on it when he’d go off somewhere, naughty naughty Tarnya! When Pokemon Yellow came out it was just next level. Being able to pick Pikachu as a starter Pokemon was probably one of the happiest moment in my life. From then on in, my brother and I would play this just non-stop and trade all the different Pokemon, it was good having a brother because we always got both of the versions! Which starter did you normally pick? I always went for the water type, Squirtle is the best!

04. Shenmue
I remember the year I got my Dreamcast, it was the first console that was mine. The Dreamcast seems to be one of the most hated consoles around but I’m not really sure why, I absolutely adored it. I could have picked a few games from this console, Echo the Dolphin, Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi or Ready to Rumble Boxing but I think the game that really deepened my brother and I’s love for gaming was Shenmue. I feel like Shenmue was a groundbreaking game. It was just SO different to anything I’d ever seen before. You could run around a town and talk to people, you could earn money, there were secrets and a strange storyline and not to mention the first time I’d seen Quick Time Events in fights. The sequel was equally amazing too. My brother and I were obsessed with this game, we recently both bought Dreamcasts and the first game we bought was Shenmue. Shenmue III has been a topic of hot discussion for a long time and it recently was the fastest funded game ever in history on Kickstarter and is due out decemeber 2017. I.Cant.Frikkin.Wait.

05. Super Monkey Ball
I think this is the hardest spot I’ve had to pick, because there were SO many games I adored as a kid growing up, but I think Super Monkey Ball holds so many memories that I couldn’t not include it. It’s one of those games I picked up a little later in life, but I still adore it. Its basically a bunch of puzzles that you roll around in a ball to complete but the best bit is all of the multiplayer party games. I’d spend hours at my friend house playing 4 player tennis, racing, bowling and wrestling, there were so much fun. He sadly passed away a few years ago but this game will always remind me of him and all the fun we used to have playing it, so it defo sits up there in my top 5 games.

There are so many video games I love, like the list is literally endless but I feel like the 5 mentioned in this post were the ones that really cemented my love for games really early on, which meant I could enjoy the likes of Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, Mario Kart and all of the classics!

I would really love to know what video games defined your childhood? What made you fall in love with gaming? What influenced your life for the better? I want to write much more about video games, so if you like this post please let me know! Any suggestions on posts you’d like to read about video games would also be super appreciated!

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