Movies Of The Month: February Edition.

I happen to watch a lot of films and TV shows. I was a binge watcher even before the days of Netflix! When I read Sarah’s post where she keeps track of all of the movies she watched, I just knew I wanted to do something like this too! Firstly I thought it would be good to see what kind of films I watch or even re-watch frequently but I also to force me to watch films I’ve wanted to watch for ages but haven’t got around to.

I realise I missed the opportunity to start this at the beginning of the year… so what I’m going to do is join January and February together and kind of go from there.

I also think to make this slightly more interesting than a list post, I’m going to pick out a film that I was surprised or impressed by and one that I was disappointed by.  So I hope you enjoy this new monthly addition and I hope it encourages you to watch more films!!

La La Land 
Bridget Jones’s Baby

50 Shades of Grey
Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
10 Cloverfield Lane
Ghostbusters (2016)
The Girl On The Train
The Babadook
Ichi The Killer
5 Year Engagement
Big Hero 6
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

So, this month I took the chance to watch a lot of new-ish movies that I missed last year. I was actually impressed by most of them but I think the one that has really grown on me, after not being so impressed on first watch, has to be La La Land. I think as I’ve had time to reflect on this, I genuinely really enjoy the soundtrack, I find myself singing them all the time. Of course I cried like a baby at the ending too, but I’m a big cryer, so you’ll have to let me know what your thoughts on this one!

A close second had to be new Ghostbusters, I’d heard a lot of shit about this film and about the female cast, but I thought it was perfect, it had me laughing so much.

Then as for the disappoint-er, it still has to be The Girl On The Train. I read the book last year after all the hype and thought it was a a bit meh. I decided to give the film a try to see if it was any better and it was, but I still think it’s very over hyped and the ending just never quite sat right with me, it didn’t come across as this epic twist but more of a ‘couldn’t think of an ending to this’. So although the film was better than the book it was still disappointing to me.

What films have you watched this past month? Do you have any film suggestions for me to watch? I would love to hear from you!


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