Belgrade Mini-Break: My Little Photo Diary.

During January Nick and I took an unexpected 4 day trip to Belgrade, Serbia. As some of you know, Nick was made redundant from his job in December and has since been applying for new jobs. One of these jobs is in Belgrade. After a few successful Skype interviews, he was invited over to have some on-site interviews and guess what? They offered to pay for me to go over with him, so we could get a feel for the place, y’ano….just in case.

I didn’t really know what to expect before arriving, as I didn’t know much about the country or the city, all I knew was the the temperature was showing as -5 for the entire trip! So we packed our thermals, jumpers and any other layers you can think of and went on our merry way.

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip! It was one of those trips where we were enjoying ourselves so much we kept forgetting to take photo’s! So I apologize for the vague photo’s without much detail! But I really wanted to document that trip, as that’s what my blog is all about!

We went on two tours. The first a food and culture tour where we had Serbian coffee, amazing ice-cream, taste some local food and finally a drink in something I can only describe as a ‘hipster bar’. We got on with our guide so much we exchanged numbers and went for a drink with him in the evening! He showed us this awesome restaurant that looked like a theater inside and had an opera singer singing Disney songs as the entertainment, it was pretty amazing! The food was great and cheap.

Then the second tour we took was of the Nikola Tesla museum, which was really cool. Lots of cool electric experiments are demo’d which I wasn’t expecting! I particularly liked his initials stamp on his letters (photo below), the stationary nerd in me had to take a photo!

The one thing I really enjoyed was the graffiti culture! It something they celebrated and didn’t just spray over. They had memorials all over the city of the famous actors, scientists, people of importance to Serbia. I love graffiti culture so hence all the snaps!

As for the rest of the time, we just explored a little and hid away in the coffee shops when it got too cold! I was really sad to leave actually, I wish we had another day to go visit the castle and the wall, but maybe we’ll be seeing plenty of Belgrade in the future! We find at some point this week if Nick got the job, so have you fingers crossed for us!

I hope you enjoy the brief look at our little getaway!


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