10 Things I Want To Achieve In 2017

This time of year we are inundated with posts about what we want to change about ourselves. I’ve decided I’d rather write about the 10 things I want to achieve in 2017 instead. The things I want to achieve for my blog over the next year and taking little steps everyday to move towards them! I really want to head into 2017 with a positive can-do attitude and do myself proud this coming year.

Not only do I want to improve on the things I’m already doing, I want to explore new avenues for my blog this year. I want to be brave and attempt new exciting prospects moving forward. So here is the top 10 things I want to achieve! I’m going to start with the smaller boring stuff before moving onto the juicy bits!

a journal book filled with writing that explains the 10 goals set for 2017

Regular Schedule.
The end of 2016 was so busy I kind of lost track of all space and time. So one of the things I really want to get back into this year is a regular blogging schedule. It helps me keep on track with the variety of my content and with my organisation skills. I’m aiming to get back to posting 3 times a week with the hope of pushing this up to 4.

Scheduling Tweets.
This is one of those mundane tasks that no-one enjoys but I always see huge benefits by doing so. I really need to get into the habit of scheduling the links to my blog posts for a few days in advance rather than just random days at a time. This should hopefully help with my page views too.

Learn to use Pinterest.
Pinterest is a huge weapon in the blogging world and this year I plan on learning it and using it for my own good. I know it’s something that takes time to get a return on, so I plan on doing small bits everyday to build it up.

Branching into other types of posts.
Although I am very much a lifestyle blogger, I’d really like to challenge myself by doing more with fashion and beauty this year. I actually really love fashion, I enjoy buying new clothes, trying new combinations and putting an outfit together. I definitely have my own style and I’d like to have the confidence to share that with you. Same goes for make-up. I’m not even remotely good at make-up but I’d like to really experiment and try new things this year.

There are so many amazing women I talk to on a regular basis in the blogging community and I’d love nothing more than to work them. I plan on reaching out and doing some creative collaborations in 2017, so please keep your eyes peeled for them! I’d also love to hear from you if you are interested on working on something together, drop me an email!!

Print Collection.
Starting my Etsy Shop has been a huge work in progress and a massive learning curve these last 6 months. I plan on really upping my game this year and putting a lot of work into creating a collection I’m happy with. I want to experiment with inks, calligraphy and mix media. Another thing I want to learn is to work digitally with my art, practice makes perfect!

Making my blog into a business.

I’m not sure if it’s all the inspirational Podcasts, videos or blogs I read but I really want to turn my blog into a business this year. I’ve enrolled on some courses so I can really take this seriously. I really want focus and direction from my blog.

Start a Podcast.
As someone who listens to Podcasts all the time, it’d be a dream to start one of my own. I have no idea what it’d be about or who it would be with, but I can figure that all out in time! But this is one of those big goals I’d love to achieve in 2017.

Start Vlogging
This is similar to the previous goal. I LOVE watching Vlogs, they’re my favourite videos to watch. I’ve seriously considered doing my own for a long time. I even uploaded my first one last year… however I really plan on doing them regularly and really making a go of it. Editing videos is always a handy skill to have…now, how do I go about making my life more interesting….hmm.

Plan more events.
I’d really like to plan more events this year. I planned my first event along side my wedding and it meant I couldn’t give it my all. So next time i’d love to really grab the planning with both hands and get involved in all the different aspects I didn’t last time.

I think the 10 goals I’ve set for myself are manageable if I break them down and work on them little and often. The next step for me is to get super organised everyday to really help achieve them. If you still don’t want to let go of 2016 just yet, I wrote 16 good things from 2016 as a way to sum up 2016, so please go check out that post.

I’d also love to hear in the comments what goals you’ve set yourself for 2017? Please also know if you’d like me to do a set of personal goals rather than just for my blog!



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