4 Christmas DIY Tricks To Keep On Trend And Save You Money.*

Christmas time is always an expensive time of year. If it’s not trying to buy the perfect gifts, stocking up the cupboards with treats or picking out those new dresses for the work party it’s trying to refresh the Christmas tree decorations to keep up with the latest interior trends. I’ve decided to put together a few little Christmas decoration tricks to help you keep up with the latest trends and save you money!

Sweet Allure 4 Christmas DIY Tricks To Keep On Trend And Save You Money.*

DIY Spray-Painted Baubles.
As a lover of interiors, I’m very aware that every time Christmas rolls around there are new decor themes or trends and keeping on top of them whilst having a small budget is hard and frustrating! A great way to combat this is to buy a staple set of baubles in a classic colour, such as silver or gold and change up your other decorations when needed. A great DIY for this is to spray paint your baubles! You can buy all kinds of spray paint, including colours like copper, which means you can spray paint your other baubles every year to change according to the new trends. A can of spray paint can be as cheap as a couple of quid and saves you having to buy an entire new set every year!

Fairy Light Jars/Bottles.
Throughout the year I save up all the best bottles or jars I use up during the year and at Christmas time I buy a bunch of battery powered fairy lights and push them into the bottles and jars. These look great around the fire place, on the table during Christmas dinner, or even placed around the dark corners of your house to give it a cosy feel without the main lights on. I like doing this as sometimes having fairy lights on display with all the wires everywhere looks a little messy, they look extra cute with a little festive ribbon wrapped around them or string to give them more of a Scandinavian look!

DIY Fireplace Garland.
This year I really wanted to make my fireplace looks really cosy and wintery, I picked up this cheap garland from eBay and decided to decorate it myself with things I already had. The first thing I added was some fairy lights (I have some hanging around all year) but you can pick up a really cheap battery powered set for £2.50 from Wilkinsons and placed them among the garland. I then grabbed a few left over baubles from the tree, these pine-cone decorations (that were a bargain 50p for 5!) and added some candles to make a really cheap but really cosy looking fire place. You can use year after year but add things in and take things out to move with the trends!

Personalised Wrapping Paper
I really love brown paper, it’s really cheap, rustic looking and can be used for so many different things! Brown paper is a great base for creating your own wrapping paper, all you need is a marker pen in the colour of your choice and a little creativity! Once you’ve wrapped your present you can draw all over them with your pen to create fun patterns and pictures. For example with a white pen you could draw polkdots, snowflakes, little snowmen, gingerbread men or even stripes! It’s a great way to personalise a gift without too much effort and it’ll go down a storm with your friends or family!

If you’ve been inspired by this post and want to check out some more Christmas decor hacks then check out this post by Festive Lights, they have some really fun and different ideas! Or if you’ve got some creative tricks or ways to save money with your Christmas decorations please let me know in the comments, as I’d love to know!

*This post is a collaboration, but as always any ideas, opinions and lame jokes are my own.


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