My Favourite Etsy Shops: A Gift Guide.

I’ve used websites such as Etsy and Notonthehighstreet for a long time, I browse them frequently when looking for something unique, especially around Christmas or birthdays. As some of you know, earlier this year I opened my own Etsy store selling prints of my watercolour paintings of some cool Harry Potter and Disney inspired pieces. With all the hard work I’ve put in, I’ve really discovered a new found appreciation for those small businesses out there! I really wanted to share some amazing ones I love with you. I really hope you can show some support to these amazing ladies, as I can tell you now, every single purchase makes a huge difference.

The first of which is my friend Jemma’s shop. If you aren’t aware of DorkfaceShop then you really need to check it out! It’s full of cute and colourful prints and the most amazing range of cool stickers to use for bullet journals or planners. I’ve got a print from here waiting to be mounted on my office wall when I finally get around to sorting it and I can’t wait!
I met Aphrodite on twitter during a chat about cross stitching and general crafty things and when she showed me her Etsy shop I just fell in love with it. As an avid cross-stitcher myself, I know how much time and effort goes into creating these pieces and they truly are a lovely hand made gift for someone, so please head over to her shop and take a look, I personally love the cat and pumpkin one so much!
The next shop I want to talk to you about is my friend Tore’s shop, ATinyMew. I’ve been following Tore on Instagram for ages because her traditional tattoo drawings had me hooked from the get go and when she opened up a shop, I just knew I had to get involved. Her prints are amazing quality and just so frikkin’ cool. I fell in love with her Harry Potter stickers and I had to have the Ron set straight away, I’m obsessed with them, I’m so worried about using them to stick on things because I don’t want to use them up!
Then the last shop I want to talk to you about is my friend Lizzie‘s shop. If you love handlettering and funny takes on quotes and just general awesome-ness then you need to head on over. I have one of her Halloween prints and I can’t wait to hang this up too, it’s good enough to have out all year! She’s also got some a cool new x-mas card up that’s a cross with Home Alone and Harry Potter, so go check it out!
If you haven’t already emptied your bank accounts…what are you waiting for?! 
I hope you’ve found lots of things you like! If you loved something please let me know in the comments, or if you’ve got another wonderful Etsy shop for us all to check out, then please pop it below and share some love!
I’m getting pretty excited for Christmas now, I can’t believe how quickly it’s approaching!
Until next time,

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