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This is going to be different from my usual posts, although I like to talk about some personal things on my blog I never quite reveal the nitty gritty real stuff very often. But, like most people, sometimes writing about things feels therapeutic and really helps get some things off my chest. So as much as things are generally quite positive around here, I’d like to just have a talk about what’s going on in my life right now.

This week my husband and I got some pretty gutting news, Nick was made redundant from work. This is always some pretty rubbish news, but it being just before Christmas it feels that extra bit raw. Christmas is pretty much my favourite time of year and knowing that we’ll have to scale it back this year, makes me really really sad. Most of you are also unaware of the fact that Nick and I actually met at work, we were that ‘office romance‘ couple that everyone probably thought wouldn’t last, but here we are, 4 years later,  now married and still completely obsessed with each other. Nick and I have actually worked together for pretty much our entire relationship, we spend 24 hours a day with each other, which would probably drive most people nuts, but it just works for us somehow.

So as you can imagine this is that little bit more heartbreaking. I’m going to miss our journeys together into work, deciding on what we are going to have for breakfast and making those first cups of tea together in the kitchen, it really is the little things in life you end up missing. That first trip into work on my own and looking over my shoulder for the first few times and not seeing him at his desk, will get me in the very pit of my stomach.

Despite the negative drawbacks financially and emotionally, I am trying to look on the bright side, this could be the chance to do something new and exciting. It’s situations like this that take you out of your comfort zone and force you to push yourself onward and upwards. I really hope it’s the start of an exciting new chapter in our lives and in a few months I’ll be talking about all the exciting new things that are happening for us. So keep your fingers crossed for us and wish us the best over the coming weeks and send some extra Christmas spirit our way!

Thanks for the talk ,

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