Be At One Cocktail Masterclass.

Way back before the wedding madness took over, Nick and I were invited to Be At One in Sheffield for a cocktail masterclass. I’m not a huge drinker but I do enjoy a good cocktail, probably because they usually don’t taste much like alcohol and I can satisfy my sweet tooth all in one handy glass.

I like a variety of cocktails from sweet to fruity to sour but we were handed the most impressive menu I think I’ve ever seen. I’m so annoyed at myself because I didn’t get a photo of it. The menu was split into different tastes, so lets say fruity, it’s then split it’s spirits, so you can pick which spirit is your tipple and then it gives you a list of cocktails you’d enjoy. It’s a really handy way of finding something you’d like depending on your tastes and with over 100 different cocktails, you definitely need the help!

Once we’d all picked out two cocktails to try we were invited behind the bar to make them! I was a little nervous about this but we were guided step by step through by the lovely staff members. I decided to pick some very sweet and chocolatey cocktails, because I just can’t resist the sweet stuff.

The first cocktail I picked was the Almond Mocha, a mix of Kahlua, almond milk, almond butter and raw chocolate powder. I have to admit this one sounded much nicer than it tasted, but it was still nice, it was just a little bit too much almond milk for my liking.

The second cocktail I picked was the Rhys’s Pieces, the main factor in this was because it was made with Reece’s Pieces and ice cream, how could I not pick this one!? This one was really nice, you couldn’t really taste the bourbon in it at all and I enjoyed eating the full Reece’s Pieces on top.

Nick opted for a Bloody Mary, because he’s a huge chilli head and couldn’t resist something spicy. It turns out this is quite a ingredient heavy cocktail, including English mustard and sherry vinegar! Nick really enjoyed it and thought it was a really good Bloody Mary but I didn’t enjoy it at all! Tomato juice is horrible!!

Watching everyone else making a variety of cocktails really did make me want to try so many more on the menu, everyone’s looked so nice! All the different glass shapes, the different colours and sizes, cocktails really are quite a cool thing to drink.

I really want to take a trip back here soon, there were so many cocktails I think I’d enjoy, it was just so hard to pick from such a large menu. I have to say the staff were really impressive, not only did they have an impressive memory know all the drinks on the menu but they also seemed really passionate about cocktails too. One of the ladies had won awards, traveled all over the world making cocktails and even had a cocktail themed tattoo! It really did show that the bar cared about it’s menu and it’s staff, which was really fresh to see when there are so many chain pubs around. I can’t wait to try some more!

Please let me know what your favourite cocktails are in the comments below! I need to make some notes to myself of what to try next..

I’d like to apologise for the lack of cocktails photo’s….that’s because I was too busy enjoying them to snap them..oops!


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