My Bedroom Makeover Wishlist 2016.

We’ve been in our house for over a year now and slowely but surely we are going around the rooms and making things how we want them, it’s taking longer than I thought, but with a wedding to plan it’s currently sitting on the back burner. That doesn’t mean however that I haven’t got lots of ideas whizzing around my head for exactly how I want things to look and next on the list of things to finish is the bedroom. It’s current just a white shell, with almost no personality in it whatsoever, however this does mean we have a great canvas to work on. So here are the thoughts and ideas I have planned for the main bedroom makeover .

Sweet allure my bedroom makeover wishlist 2016 interiors Scandinavian design mirror tsum tsum otters print frame

The first thing we need to do is get a new bed which although I haven’t decided on what bed we want yet, other than it’ll be a king sized bed (when you live with a giant it’s necessary) it also means we get to buy fun new bed sheets to really give the place some character. I love pillows and throws for in the bedroom and at the minute I’ve bought ‘get by’ ones until we really decided what to do with the room. I really love this cosy set with stag heads on, I think it’ll really give the room a cosy feel, specially with fairy lights and throws, ok I’ve got myself excited about Christmas now, uh oh. I also love this Cacti set, for when I want to give the room a more green and brighter look during spring/summer. I could go on and on about bed sheets as they can really give a good finishing touch to a room but we’ll keep it at two for now!

After doing up the bed the next thing we need to address is new curtains, we’ve currently got whatever was left from the previous owner, which is sad I know but we just haven’t really thought about it properly yet and they seem to half do the job (they occasionally come unhooked but meh). I really want to get some proper decent curtains that give the room a nice soft furnished edge, I’m not entirely sure on colours yet but we get quite a lot of light through the big single window so we need a decent pair to help black out the light. I know that yorkshirelinen do a great range of ready made curtains at really affordable prices so i’ll be having a look there once we’ve decided on a theme/colour. A good pair of curtains can really help a bedroom makeover .

I guess the next thing we’d need to look into is storage, we currently have an old wooden chest of drawers which has been fine as a make do for a good 4 or so years now, but i’d really like to upgrade and buy something really nice that will last us years and will be stylish. I want to be able to have some nice bits and pieces on top, like perfume bottles and whatnot that give nice finishing touches to the room. I’ve seen a lot of nice ones on that are beautiful but pricey, but i’m happy to invest in pieces that will last a long time.

As soon as we moved into our house I found the perfect bedside tables, they were quite simple and Scandinavian style from Marks and Spencer’s so we’ve had them for a year or so now, I just need to buy pretty thing to display on them to make them look pretty, I fancy these copper bed side table lamps. I think they’ll give a sophisticated touch to the room!

Then finally we’ll need to stock up on art prints for the walls, along with my polaroids and our photos, I think we’ll have a good amount of wall space to really make it cosy. I want a mix of abstract pieces and TV, film , comic book and video-game references because we are both super nerds at heart.

I really can’t wait to get started on the bedroom makeover , I’ve been itching to get started but we wont have funds till after the wedding, so hopefully I can start just before Christmas! So I’ll keep you updated when I started so you can see some before and after shots!

*This post was in mutual collaboration with yorkshirelinen, but as always all thoughts, opinions and lame jokes are my own.


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