Buying Our First Home: 1 Year On.

When this post goes live it’ll be 1 year on since buying our own house which I have to say is a pretty crazy thought! Not only has the last year gone super quickly but it’s starting to feel more like home. 

sweet allure Buying Our First Home: 1 Year On homeware interiors lifestyle blog owners first time buyers

If you read my last post, 6 months on, you’ll know that I was finding it hard to settle in and get that feeling of home. I feel like putting our own stamp on the place has really started to help with these feelings, we’ve pretty much made the living room exactly how we want it, it’s just a matter of working round all the other rooms now and fixing them up.

I know this is a process that probably will never feel complete or fulfilled because I’ll always be wanting to do things to the house like adding little touches here and there but after awhile it really has become the place that I can’t wait to come back to after work and just relax.

It hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies though, for those first time buyers out there I’m sure this is a common issue but they’re lots of things that have gone wrong along the way that we’ve had to fork out to fix. Not only did we have to buy a whole new set of kitchen appliances when we moved in, the boiler and the old dishwasher broke so we had to repair those. We’re also having problems with our guttering at the minute that we’re having fixed this weekend, the last thing we want is damp! And to be completely honest, there are still some things we haven’t properly unpacked yet and we still have a spare room that you can barely get into because of all the stuff just dumped in there! I am getting to the stages where I’m wanting to sort through things now and really make the most out of our awesome house!

Although we are deep in the mist of paying for our wedding right now, one thing that does excite me about next year is having the funds to start doing the rest of the house up. The next room we really have to sort is the bedroom which is still quite literally a white shell, it has no personality stamp on it what so ever and I can’t wait to buy a new bed, loads of fun bed sheets and cushions and really make it more homely. I also can’t wait to have all of our wedding photos hanging around the house, that will for sure fill up all of the blank walls and shelves! I mean what else is a wedding for right?

I’m still so happy that we made the big leap from renting to buying our own home, it feels so much better knowing we are paying towards something we’ll eventually own and not just wasting money on rent, especially when our mortgage is only £140 more than what our rent was anyway! I’m not about to preach and say this is something you should do because everyone is different but it felt like the right thing to do for us as a couple and we have absolutely no regrets.

It’s also an amazing feeling knowing you can do what you want to the place without the restrictions of renting. We can hang what we like, paint what we like and no-one can say otherwise! It’s a very liberating feeling after living in rented accommodation for almost 10 years!

Have you recently bought your first home? Or are you saving so you can one day do so? How is your 1 year on update going? Let me know in the comments!

sweet allure Buying Our First Home: 1 Year On homeware interiors lifestyle blog owners first time buyers

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