Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Review: Rose Matter

Remember back when I did my To Highlight or Not to Highlight post and I was approximately 100 years behind the trend? Well that wasn’t a one time occurrence, it’s basically describes my entire life, liquid lipsticks included.

I’ve been contemplating getting a liquid lipstick from either Kat Von D or Jeffree Star for a long long time and when JS released Rose Matter it was a shade I was immediately drawn to and after some scrolling online I did an impulse purchase, which never really happens for me with beauty products…take away food yes..but beauty products…never!

Sweet allure Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Review: Rose Matter beauty cruelty free vegan

So what appealed to me about this one enough to buy it? I just really liked the colour of Rose Matter, it’s a pretty standard colour, nothing too out there which is what you normally get with the JS range, and all the swatches I’d seen online looked really pretty. It definitely seemed like a colour I could wear and not feel really self conscious about. It probably helped that I’d been really into watching JS’s YouTube channel, binge watching if you will. So I decided to take the plunge.

So ordering just one lipstick cost me about £20 with the postage included, the package arrived quite quickly, I think it arrived in just over a week, which isn’t bad really coming all the way from America. I didn’t have to pay any import tax but then I only ordered one, so if you are ordering more than one, I’d do some research in case you get taxed.

Sweet allure Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Review: Rose Matter beauty cruelty free vegan

First impressions are that I really like the packaging, its very bright and pink but I quite like that, it stands out on my make-up table! The wand is quite bendy and easy to use, having a flexible wand makes it much easier to apply. I have to admit that I don’t really like the smell of this, it’s quite strong and sweet smelling, I prefer to have products without any smells because if I don’t like the smell it tends to put me off using it!

Now, I absolutely suck at applying this, I have a really thin upper lip and I think liquid lipstick just highlights that rather than makes it look better. I also think this would be much better with a lip pencil to line your lips, I just don’t have any pencils that would match this shade! It does dry down really matte and isn’t drying at all. The colour stays on my lips for hours and it only came off after eating something properly for dinner, it lasted through my lunch at work and sipping water throughout the day!

Sweet allure Jeffree Star Liquid Lipstick Review: Rose Matter beauty cruelty free vegan
This is Rose Matter freshly applied so still has a sheen but does dry completely matte, I  promise!

I’m honestly not even sure this colour suits me which is a huge disappointment after having splurged on it and waiting for it to arrive. I’m going to keep wearing it when I feel brave enough and maybe i’ll eventually get used to wearing more of a bright colour. I do think buying a lip pencil will help because it’ll make applying it much easier, it’s hard to make a liquid lipstick look amazing on your lips when they aren’t lined!

After taking the photos for this blog post I have noticed that if you pay really close attention you can notice very tiny tiny speckles of glitter, which is cute but you’d never actually notice!

I can honestly say this wasn’t worth the splurge, the colour  Rose Matter is beautiful but I just don’t think it suits me personally, which is such a shame. It certainly looks darker on me than the lighter coral shade that shows on JS’s website, so if you do order please make sure you research some other swatches online!

Let me know your liquid lipstick recommendations as I would love to try some other brands and hopefully find the one that converts me!

* This post went live before all the recent issues surrounding Jeffree Star and I will not be endorsing his product from now on.


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